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August 31st, 2012
YAAAAAAAAY IT'S BACK! I'm so excited!
Welp. Totally stalking your tumblr now.
Also, AAAAAAAAAH CASABLANCA! You're killing me with awesomeness, you know.
OHMYGOD. XDDD I so wasn't expecting that.

<3 I love this comic!
oh wow. XDDD This is gonna be good.
FFFFFF. KEITH. 8I This is adorable. Why did I only find this today? oTL
I would not. XD I love Glee! I only started watching it recently, though. >w< I have a lot of catching up to do!

I absolutely love how often you use song lyrics. 8) You'll probably use some songs I don't know and expand my musical world a little bit! XD

>w< And your comic, of course~ I'm excited about what's coming next!
;A; THE SUSPENSE IS DRIVING ME INSANE! >w< I wanna see his faaaaaace!
"Did you hear it?"
"That noise? It sounded like- ...ah, no. I must be imagining things..."
XDDD I love Jimmy so much! fffff- I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! ;A; So much suspeeeense!
Not a dump!
It's just a fixer-upper!
Pffft. No. Twilight Zone is awesome.

The older ones are the only ones I watch. XD Rod Serling = <3

Thanks. XD I can't figure out any other way to express some of these ideas than in words. Pictures are nice, but sometimes a bit of narration is necessary.
Guess who's watching the Twilight Zone later? >w< Maybe I'll get some storytelling inspiration. <3
Yeah. I can't shade to save my life. oTL
I love the Twilight Zone. <3 It's one of my favorite shows, so of course I had to use a quote from it.

It's okay! There isn't anything new in the dark. ...Except maybe spiders. ;A;
This may be used as a cover page, but for now I would consider it filler. =A= I really need to get my tush in gear and get this comic done....

Anyway, my style is really... cutesy, I guess. Expect it to continue to look like this. ^^; Also, this comic is meant to be family-friendly. ...If I actually work on it, anyway. oTL Anyway, enjoy what there is of it!
Please tell me someone else thought "Over the Hedge" as soon as he said "Steve"?

"Why steve?"
"Steve's a pretty name. <3"
Yeah. I actually have friends that watch me draw only because they find the faces I make terribly amusing.
I love this SO MUCH. Like seriously. It's amazing. I literally laughed out loud.

I love this comic and I love the style and there is just love everywhere! I'mma make some of my friends read this, hopefully. <3