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Love love love this page, especially Haku's flushed face in the third panel *skeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* <3
Haku's Weakness
I know how Haku feels; so unfair for your loved one to know your weaknesses to catch you off guard. Job well done with this page, even without any big details :D
PANIC ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!! SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST KISS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YEAH!!!!! More Hakkaku and Chain story!!!!!!! I just love them!!!!! Awesome work on the cover. btw, virgin comment :D
My Vote <3
Little Red Riding Hood, but could you please think about also doing Cinderella afterwards? Love both stories, but gotta stick with my wolf instincts :P
either Pikachu will come out and destroy all those Beedrills and Butterfree, or "Charmander" will evolve!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
Wonder if when she lost the baby he got extremely angry with her, resulting in how she felt at the end...
The "first customer" is really, Shiro isn't it? That would just make my day :D
Say WHAT!?!?!?!
Oh no she didn't! Now I am more interested in her side of the story more than ever!!!! More please!!! I love your artwork and storylines!!!
My own idea for next page
Not only do I hope that Nakay is leaning on the door frame leading to that room, but I sure hope that Chika explains why she has been with him all this time if she doesn't love him... She needs to leave or else Joshua is gonna do some damage to her and then Nakay can fall in love with him and be at peace forever
Love all the different angles you did of Miyu. And anxious to know the secret keeping Chain (and us) out of the bigger picture.
Hakakku's dad better not have done what we think he did, or else he's got some explaining to do!!!!!!!!
WOW!!!!! AMAZING STYLE!!!!!!!Beautiful lines, expressions, color, vibrancy, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
MIKA, KICK THAT PROF'S ASS BEFORE ALEX DOES SOMETHING STUPID BECAUSE OF HIS FEELINGS THAT ARE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is truly the older sister, younger brother relationship going on. Great job on it!!!!!!!
Yes, we finally meet Hakakku's sister!!!!! Job well done on the coloring :D
I am for sure positive that it is Hakakku's sister. Who else would pay attention to his attendance at school better, aside from Chain of course.