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@Keylili_Honsay: @NiciTensu: sorry you guys feel that way, I may try and see if I can get permission to continue posting the non-raunchy pages here so people can still follow here if they'd like!

@CuriousKurona: I have no idea how tumblr works yet but yes that sounds really inconvenient! hahaha

@Kakedahanameiko: oooh >D

@Gecho: LOL that's an interesting game to play.
@MinamiKou @circusperformer100: thanks for the suggestions! will do.

@Quadrant: you seem very informed about making these webcomics on tumblr... I've installed Disqus, but what is this tagging and custom system? can you take a look at the new site and give me any pointers? I think the one thing I miss is the drop-down menu, to go to old pages, but I have nooo clue where to even begin with that. blah!

@Nekogirl @Death by Moonlight: I don't think it's to do with age... possibly just the quantity and overfocus on sex, oops.

@Estarflame: hmmmm maybe I'll go make a deviantart too... but do they really allow porn over there? gotta go check!

@Cherrypoprosa: I'll try for every sunday or every other sunday. you can follow my twitter (pervertch4n) for updates!
yup officially moved!

^click click!

I've uploaded all the old pages over there PLUS, plus... TWO NEW pages! :D please enjoy. I will try to keep updates every sunday or every other sunday.

you can also follow my new twitter account, pervertch4n. I'll tweet when there's new updates!

someone please leave a comment on my tumblr so I know my disqus is working. -n00b- any feedback is appreciated! how to make it better, more convenient, etcetc~
thanks for the suggestions!
I'm going to go with tumblr.

new address:

now, to try and figure out how to make it a cool webcomic-format...
I've been asked to remove this webcomic because it's too pornographic in nature.

does anyone know a similar comic hosting site, which allows adult content such as this? please comment or message me. as soon as I have things set up I'll update with the new address.

it's been fun, thanks for all the support! :)
sorry for long hiatus!
I was re-writing the story, it didn't feel right. still writing as I go, hope you guys will enjoy!
can you tell
Simone's a total virgin
thanks for commenting, you guys are funny. and honest. :P
sorry for the late-ish update! super overslept.
mikal is so righteous, he just can't accept that he's the wrong jerk!
sorry to disappoint
mikal, listen? nah he's too much of an asshat
what do people say here... *awkwardly shifts around*
as you can see, there's a new subheading above. thanks to koyomu for my first piece(s!!) of fanart! I'm so delighted. \o/
@koyomu: wow thank you! >u<!! that makes me so happy, first piece of fan-art! I shall commence making a shrine for it.
I also wish I could update more but it's hard enough keeping up with weekly updates! thanks for watching though, this comic has been great anatomy practice *ahems*.
@Ravens: your comment matches your icon. he he he
thanks for reading and commenting! means a lot to me. next few pages will be more nsfw, sooo just a warning.
next page is gonna get NSFW!
it's gonna get NSFW again soon, can you feel it? =.=