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So, I just dicovered this comic tonight, read through the entire archive, became dissapointed at the cancelation notice, and subsequently overjoyed upon discovering its return two seconds later. It's seriously awesome, keep it up!
January 2nd, 2008
At Last!
Civilization! Here we see thew city of Armstrong, which is one of (if not the only; you'll have to ask Nicholas) major cities in the comic. So yeah, it's pretty important.

The last panel was originally going to be a giant window shot (looking down), but I suggested that we change it to an overview of the city for a couple of reasons. Mainly I was tired of doing over-the-shoulder stuff, but also that I thought that it would be a better to show off the size of the city itself than just showing a ton of people going about their daily lives. (Which we shall see a fair amount of in the coming few pages). Those two skyscrapers are local landmarks, government or something like that. You'll just have to stick around to find out their significance.
Subtle, Mario, Subtle.
This is why I love this comic. :)
December 27th, 2007
Oh wow!
A comment! Thanks for the compliments!

As for your question, I first draw everything out by hand (I kinda suck with a tablet), and then scan everything in as B/W lineart. Then I use Paint Shop Pro to do all the colouring. I work with several layers at a time (lineart, colour, shading, red filter, etc.), with varying degrees of transparency applied to each. That's how I do all the shadow effects and everything. So the colouring is mostly just painted overtop of the lineart, and then I play around with the transparency levels on each layer. Sometimes I'll also use some more advanced stuff as well (textures, blur tools, etc.), but not on this page.

Thanks again for the comments, I'm glad you're enjoying Red Earth so far. Keep checking back; as of Monday we plan to go on to a more consistant page-a-week schedle.
Ok, so this is far from your funniest one (I doubt it's intended to be), but it is seriously true!
September 14th, 2007
The art seems good to me. -Good enough to get me to read through the entire archive just now. I'm really liking this; keep up the good work!
DM's can be such assholes...
So gross, yet so funny.
Wow. That was really random...
I'm begining to love this comic. Fav'd.

- No doubt the 'Mauser' joke is also a refrence to the famous rifle as well.
This comic is acctually preety funny. :) You've got to make more jokes about sprite comics though.