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I'm very shy, I like to hide behind my computer screen thinking 'ha! I can see you, but you can't see me! ovo'
I like drawing, but I'm not confident in my skills enough to draw a comic. I'm also a big procrastinator. so all that would make me a bad comic drawer person. >.<
I'm in love with boy love... slash... yaoi! *looks at avatar* two boys kissing!!! *squee!*
and I'm done, that's all you need to know about my oddness.
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omg I cant stop laughing =D
I'm going to miss this comic! it was an awesome ride though. I may not have commented a lot but know this I loved every last bit of it. It will be dearly missed.
awww and I thought it was candy land.
I love how we are all going from 'yes! now love each other!' to 'Run Lucky!' then to "Hit him with the f#$king chair!'
September 26th, 2014
for some reason when I see someone who is beading from their Abdomen/ chest and they stand up, blood flowing and I see their displeased expression I cant help but think 'shits about to get real.' which is a funny thought cause it was already real O.o
September 19th, 2014
guess who bought a new laptop!!!
you're right it was my cat, but I stole it from her, and now it's mine hahaha lol.
anyways, more pages to read, and the graphic are just awesome!!
August 29th, 2014
O.O he's walking away >.< lol his face when he finds out hahaha.
in other news my computer is slowly dieing hahaha <.<>.>
August 27th, 2014
well.... poof he's gone, now turn around and be surprised hahaha.
pants lead to bedroom... this had me laughing and giggling like mad hahah.
also I'm sorry I dont mean to disappear on you.
now who could that be?
hehe I'm good just lazing about, and then realized how long it's been since I checked up on your comics >.<
it's be forever lol. and how have you been? besides the awesomeness of getting engaged. (very happy for the both of you.)
August 25th, 2014
this made me so happy. its so cute!
p.s. I have caught up!!!
dawwwww congratulations!
I feel like this guy has like no luck... lol also Hi!
I really cringe when people are being stupid... Cyrus stop being stupid. >.<
that odd moment when you notice the bruises on your neck..... yeah its going to freak anyone out.
side not to dealing with no internet. *gets up, huddled in corner, trys not to cry.... cry's a lot*
lol but really what I did was watch old box sets of t.v. shows anime and other thigs... like reading a frigging book, oh books I missed you so.
Baine seems like a pain in the butt >.< mister grumpy pants, should try to think over whats going on with him self. but then the tension wouldn't be so good.
also sorry for my lack of responses, i had no internet for a long while O.o
well with a bitch face like that who can blame Lucky?
tree huger!!! no, no that was bad lol hahaha
someones having a really bad horrid day.