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@msad99: They do say that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line ;D
I had this done last weekend.... but Smackjeeves did that weird thing where it was blocked for a day and then I never had time to upload it and then I never drew another page for this week so it all worked out in the end.
I... managed.... an.... on time.... update...????

Renny is a hardcore martial artist. Of course, seeing your attackers moves before you do them is helpful.
I decided to change the style of the comic to a less colorful scheme. As much as I love doing colors, it is very time consuming. My hope is that with less colors I will be able to produce more pages, but not detract from the story. What do you guys think?
I know I haven't updated much..... I have another page almost done that I will probably update soon. I hope that with this semester over in school and some of my classes changing that I might have more time to work on my baby.
I know I haven't been updating lately... this school year is hella packed with school work @_@ and working on this comic has just unfortunately fallen to the sideline. I thought I would upload these two pages that I had back logged until I manage to work on some more pages. Love you guys!
ugh. beautiful as always~
feels good to be back! School is starting soon. but keep our fingers crossed that I can keep up a steady update?
@msad99: It's a huge scavenger hunt, It'll be lots of fun!
I know this is a day late, but I was working both Saturday and Sunday so I was a bit too tired to get anything uploaded. I know some time in the next week I am going to miss an update because I'm participating in GISHWHES. Wish my team luck!

drawing that bottom panel was so much fun! I have so much fun drawing Ezekiel's portals.
Good thing for Senna that if slaves aren't causing a ruckus, they just blend in with the crowd!
I would have uploaded this yesterday.... but I felt terrible and I called out of work and didn't do anything but sleep yesterday. Doing better now! Hope this update makes up for it!

Looks like Senna is up to something....
@msad99: Drake is very liberal thinking for his time ;)
Pangea isn't the most equality friendly place, unless any of you missed it ;D

I'm trying to get back to normal updates I swear.
@Iron: because there were people in my real life who were looking at it who I didn't want looking at it. I might open another one and be more careful with my url.
I'm sorry for the super long wait guys. I can't promise when the next page will be out. struggling to get a routine going this summer.

also drawing curvy women is my fetish.
@msad99: omg I'm really sorry. I really have no excuse other than the fact that I forgot how tiring it is to work all the time now that school is over. and every day I have off someone wants me to do something for them. I swear I haven't lost interest, I just have a very severe lack of time. I will update as soon as possible Dx
@msad99: True. Ezekiel and Renny are just too optimistic about the world.
loosen up a little Drake! Ezekiel and Renny don't bite!
@msad99: Ezekiel is a little thick skulled. Renny can take a hint, she just chooses not to ;D Drake probably doesn't share your amusement.