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I'm just going to explain something so no one gets confused. The author that was invited (Haka Yoshi) is my new account.
Weird Al! I'm actually listening to one of his songs right now!
Korin, according to the description, we have no more player spots, but 10 more reaper ones.
M&L bubbles? And, also, ...

Okay, I'm sorry about the sizes for Game. I couldn't have him tiny, though. I found a size (In stretch and skew) that works. 150 by 150. I just neaten up the lines a little bit, and it looks okay to me. (Found that out on the second to last panel.)
I have to get off at 9:00 tonight, but I've started a comic for here, so it'll probably be done tomorrow night.
*Pokes Pie God with a stick*
Sorry about the art everyone! (I drew it with a mouse and sent it to Neox.) Apparently I'm not getting a warm welcome, because I just wanted to do something different for the pact! I was bored anyways!
I saw the EXACT same thing on another comic, except it was posted by SMF.
Well, I'll need your sprites first, and here are mine:
I think I'll make something for the pact part, but I don't know your character's personality either. (You can find mine by looking at my comics. My character here is the same as every where else. And the way he transforms is by a bubble. Squeak Squad/Yoshi's Island style, but the only way to go back is another bubble.)
Want to make a pact for (At the least) the rest of the week? (If that's not against the rules, that is. Is it? Well, I mean is it against the rules to do that in the middle of the week?)
Does anyone here that will be a player not have a partner? (Which means they wouldn't have an intro.)
Thanks for accepting my application, but I think I'll wait until week two to post my intro. (I still need some more sprites on my sheet, and it's already day four anyways. Should be enough time to make enough sprites.)
(To the authors here.) I sent an application, but I changed my mind about the question in it. I'm going to make a sheet of the right side if I'm accepted. (Everyone else has those eyes, so I'll make a sheet with those too.)
I remember that! (Toasting apples!)
This is the last time I'm going to say this. TAKE MY SPRITES OFF THE SPRITE PAGE!
Technically, the next comic is three hundred! But according to the numbering on top, it's not.
There are too many people coming in at once. ("Hey, he has Sonic sprites! Let's invite him! Oh, him too! And him!")
Everyone knows I left, right? (I saw my sprites in the last comic.)