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I like red. Lol.
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can't be arsed, people having to push the kid into doing stuff that they're meant to do on their own whim..

i wonder who this character reminds me of...
aww pokemon
i like this page, good colouring, even if you did miss out my favourite pokemon : '[
poor little flareon.
is this going to be red/blue storyline or involve the add-on pokemons from the other games?
i'd say keep it retro, but you know me and my retro ; ]
top stuff (Y)
you're shit
stop drawing, you're fucking crap.
too many panels, you can't draw girls' legs, you're terrible at profiles.. christ!
: p

PS._someone said "where's the curtain rail?"
great comic
half eight, was it?
No update, no html..


.....serious. : ]

: ]!!
She looks well pretty! Check out the apple!

Good page, good page..

underwear. lol.

nicely done, nicely done..