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i like sheep sleep and stories
i also like PUNCHING THE BLUES..!!!
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A-AWW, ,,, my heart hurts thIS SCENE IS SO CUTE im so in love with every page of this update :''')
oohhhhh i'm nervous bout what'll happen!! blythe doesnt seem too happy about the idea of hanging out with ruthie hmmmm....dreamy sigh i love all the subtleties of your conversations<33 aaaahhhh i wonder how their kickback will go... :x

PS SASHA AND RUTHIE aRE SO DANG CUTE !!! so sweet ive got a toothache ehhhe :'')
February 27th, 2013
AW colleen is so sweet to ask a stranger that awww COLLEEN U CUTIE omg sasha SO PANICKED AND FLUSTERED... poor bb whatever it is i'm sure colleen will help u out!! ; v;)/ i wonder if he's lost...
February 17th, 2013
AH COLLEEN MMGHH shes even more presh on this page cries really hard U GO GIRL
ah sasha OH NO WHAT HAPPENED.....screams aaa i cant wait for them to meet and talk to each other ndjslk
February 13th, 2013
GO GET EM COLLEEN fkgjkglsj what a cutie omg.. her outfit and bag LOVE NYAN!! omg ahhh ily colleen IM ROOTING 4 U GIRL<3
January 24th, 2013
AA AAHHH the kids are back.. walt is adorable as ever heh and AH AVERY aka queen of my heart dreamy sigh~
this page is so great tHAT LAST PANEL LMAO...ahh zach i hope you're doing alright...and it's wonderful seeing your work again : )
nono its not overdramatic... we get the real feel of it.. I LOVE IT I LOVE THIS WHOLE UPDATE dreamy sigh
those first three panels THIS WHOLE PAGE WOW..,. this comic always blows me awaaaayyy aaaaa
January 11th, 2013
aW AW i didnt even think of that but omg ah it really is so difficult to understand a language through an accent.. , and aww w thats not easy to bring up, i feel u sasha awwWW HES SO FLUSTERED /HUGHS HIM REAL HARD/ and mghggm its sweet that he... explained all that so misha wouldnt misunderstand and feel embarrassed... awww wibbles what a genuinely sweet guy blblwh sasha ilu
loosens collar iTS GETTING PRETTY HEATED IN HERE,, ah they both got it all out in the open.. while i think that sasha should move on, blake is being a little harsh here... and he maybe seems a little too sure of his relationship with blythe? in an almost entitled way hmmm.. and sasha has a point - just because theyre dating doesnt mean she loves him! theres more to it than that..
like in the game, just because you're in the cave, doesn't mean you have the treasure.. rubs chin hmmmmm
ah and how uncomfortable for the girls wow!! havin to deal with the boys drama like this.. poor ruthie especially, havin to watch blake fight over another girl :(
aahh you wrote and drew this scene so well.. i feel like im watchin my own friends fight..
January 10th, 2013
omg OMG SASHA.. THAT REACTION.. so strange but also adorable,, ogm sasha what is up IM SO CURIOUS hAHA
dnjfglgk ive been there misha oh man trying to share your interests with people can be so nervewracking ยด~` aH HES EMBARRASSED aWw aw w these two are so cute i cannot deal anD THEIR INTERACTIONS ARE EVEN BETTER ,, nsnhf g floats away
January 10th, 2013
a h ahh h this page is really adorable.. . sasha all considerate and polite ahh sO CUTE AH omg con tsundere much ahHA jk jk and i like how..friendly misha is on this page ehhe EVERYONE IS SO CUTE ON THIS PAGE...
and ahh the little smiles and little blushes.. tHEYRE ON THE PATH OF FRIENDSHIP.. CLUTCHES HEART...
January 3rd, 2013
the backgrounds look amazing! OH GOSH THAT BIRD IS CUTE, ITS TALKING,, dokis omg i love this page oh..
THIS UPDATE WAS GREAT!! i really loved it!! it made me miss my old tabletop days..and IT GOT INTENSE THERE boys dont get too worked up over it heh!! and i love sasha calling blake out on this page..
and ahhhh i love the competitiveness between them...and the subtext underneath that ehheh ;)
this was a wonderful update!! and happy new year ;v;
hheh i love how determined they look... sashas hand on his mouth in panel three especially ahh
ahhh this makes me miss playin with my tabletop bros... ahh this is all so funny and cute hhehehhe :')
i've been meaning to do this for a little while but wanted to wait until i finished that last uh, yeah. the comic is going on a little break. i've been feeling kinda bad about my stuff lately and these next couple of weeks are gonna be pretty crazy for me.. mostly with college apps and stuff but uh yeah

but!! i'm not giving it up!!! no way haha i've been working on this too long to just give it up.. i'll be back in a few weeks :'|
w ow i'm... i'm really sorry, this is ridiculously late... this page gave me such a hard time and i'm still not super happy with it but i'm so tired that i don't even,, know anymore i just...i hope it looks ok :''(

flops off desk chair...rolls away...into the abyss...