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"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit" -W.C. Fields

I'm the first person on SmackJeeves to make a succesful MUGEN based comic and its all thanks to Champion of Champions which started in 2011.

To be frank, I am currently in college doing various college things. That being said, whenever I have free time, I make comics.

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    Barney Rubble!
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@The_mad_one: Twas intentional. Basically, Ryu means business!
Battle damage is an all time first in C.O.C history
Hope you enjoy the blood lol cuz its going to get worse on the next page.

Side note #1: I really noticed the lack of ongoing sprite fighting comics on SJ and when you're the only one doing get bored because there's no one to compete/compare with.

Side note #2: Jin and Ryu are cool for a traditional fight but I really want to do more and just go all out for my next fight....whenever that will be lol
Hi-ho to all you peeps.
I do have two "unpublished" pages of the Jin and Ryu fight ready to go as I speak but...I still have to put the finishing touches on a couple of things. Until then, have a look see at this ultra cramped pic I created outta boredom.

This comic will never die, it'll just be on hiatus for months at a time due to real life issues lol
WOOHOO! Finally back to 200!
I wanted to split this into two parts originally but decided against it because it took a long time to complete the last few panels. Basically got burned out.

Anywho.....this is all apart of my quest to enlighten the rest of SJ that fight scenes with sprites can be great.


(Won't update again until later on this week or possibly next)
@CapedLuigisYoshi: "It's very difficult to make a decent straight fight scene in a sprite comic"

Bwhahahahaha! That's only if people don't try.
Long time no see GMC
@godmoderncommander: The longer the hiatus, the more stronger I grow!


Fun fact: Ryu is 50. Technically.
Surprise, surprise. Some of you were probably thinking the new comic wouldn't come out so soon.

2011's fight will be put to shame.

Today marks the start of a new era.

The "I actually put work into this s***" era has begun!

PS: I'm lacking sound effects in the last four panels because I'm extremely lazy when it comes to creating them. If you're feeling goofy enough: write down four different sound effects. They will be added later.

@jtubbesi: Its not that he's evil, its just that their current predicament is hopeless and he looks pissed off.

He didn't kill anybody, he just doesn't know how to cope with imminent defeat. I mean Galactus is in the background.
@kcspice: Everything's from Mugen. I take the effects and make them look beautiful. Note that I'm not copying and pasting effects either. It's a step by step process because the original effects look nothing like what you see at the top of the screen. Sometimes I make effects of my own based on mistakes.


If you want to learn more about Mugen, hit up either 6ix or myself via PM.
It's time for a r-r-r-reeeeebooooot!
Ryu vs Jin took place in the year of 2011.

Nearly 4 years ago.

Now it's being remade.

It was great for 2011 but 2011 was such a long time ago.

Out of all of the fights I've done throughout the years, you ask "Why redo Ryu vs Jin, Carnage?"

Because I never let Ryu use his Hadouken!

Boredom struck.... twice.
I like putting the JLA in a no win situation. Twas fun!
@6ix: I have no qualms against that Veg-I mean "6ix". ;D

I've always been a big fan of your work since day one, so tell me what I need to do so we can make it happen!
Don't call it a comeback :P
I was bored and finally had some free time on my I whipped this up in a couple of hours.

Nothing too fancy...just a jab at the current state of the MCU.

P.S I'm still working out the kinks on how to make lightning....look like lightning. Thor kinda looks like he's thunderbending.

@6ix: Thanks for the reply man! Glad to see that people are still reading this!
@Missalice3: No, it's a matter of finding eight contestants who can all pose a threat to each other.
The Second C.o.C is coming
I'm just having trouble on narrowing down eight contestants, I want votes to be 50/50 instead of 80/20.

Shout out any more suggestions because the roster is set to change on a whim.

So yeah...
....after some thinking.....there's your eight contestants.

It's still subject to change but as of right now, that's the final roster.
@Zerador: I still haven't completed the full list but those four will be in it for sure.

I need at least one (or two) female(s) to be in this tournament though. Can't have it be a complete sausage fest.
Also I've managed to re-upload all of Round 1 minus the Superman vs Thor fight.

Round 2 and all of the requested matches are essentially erased until August.

Then again, I doubt it anyone goes back to look at the earlier comics because they are "somewhat terrible" when compared to the recent ones lol
Alright thanks for the speedy response
I'll PM the both of you once I start with the matchups.