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I like to draw, of course, and I work like a mad man at my two jobs. That is, being a mom and work.
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February 7th, 2014
He is so ashamed of his awesome eyes, that he gives up depth perception?
He must not like depth perception all that much, lol.
Oi, I call bullshit on the person who made you feel bad.
Dory is an awesome OC.
//squishes Dory
He's my favourite~

I do hope you feel better!
October 25th, 2013
"Oh my~" makes me think of George Takai. xDD
I ended up giggling.
[Sooo not serious. Sorry.]
October 22nd, 2013
Omg, me!
There are so many people wanting this book!
It's a good story!! :DD
Alright, that girl should not have been eating chocolate and passed out in front of the tv. Gosh, kids these days. Father asleep in the bed, didn't even make sure that his daughter was in bed. Parents these days. xDD
Okay, so I have wondered for a while: Why is he wearing an eyepatch?
Is his eye injured, or is it fashionable to have terrible depth perception?
Whatever happened to waiting for your spouse to get home before falling asleep? Gosh, common courtesy. xD
I legit wanted to cry. Omg, that sucks. You don't do that...
I, uh, aaahhh!!
I did think the page was still loading, but when I saw the text at the bottom, I realised HOW FREAKING COOL THIS PAGE IS.
I love this page so much.
I fucking love K-Dramas. I'm addicted.
Don't do it kid, there's an oven in the back with your name on it! D:
@gaiadarkstar: There's an Add to Favourites button in the homepage[with the archive of pages, the sj site].
[If that made sense...]
I actually wasn't confused and when I saw Charlie I was like, "AAAAHHHHH HE'S BAACCKKKK"
[Love this story]
[I thought someone got shot, lol]
It's your story, a work of fiction, do what you feel like~
I will always be here~
I would love to play Minecraft with you!
[If I ever find the time, orz]