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To do: Learn to draw good.
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This is awesome.
Hah, awesome.

But yeah, resize this one - horizontal scrolling is a bitch.
It's been Christmas for 21 minutes
Merry Christmas, Crash! I hope you really enjoy my gift.
That's hilarious.
I can't wait to see the gift you put up, Quand.

Or has it been put up already? Curse you, Secret Santa!
Well you can't say that. Obviously the gift giver thought "I'll sign up for this, receive free awesome arts, then pawn off some 20-second sprite crap on the person who I get assigned to."
Disturbing, to day the least.

I don't think seducing Santa will help you preset-wise anyway.
This stuff is beautiful. I aspire to one day be an actual artist D:
Well, Merry Christmas.
This is both hilarious and awesome.
Poor Crash D:

Well, it's the thought that counts?
This place needs a higher ratio of Girl-on-Girl comics vs. Boy-on-Boy comics.
Dear God I hate headaches too. I'm pretty much useless whenever I get them. I just sorta lay on my bed in the dark with my face in my pillow....
Poor Becca... Wait, what?

Man, you really pump these thing out. Don't you ever like, sleep or anything?
For the glory of the Motherland, Comrade.


I, too, am an Azumanga Daioh fan.
"Capcom"? Sounds like the type of company that would kill it's software by releasing endless amounts of sequels.
Hah! No one realizes the awesome power of CUTMAN!