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Current Status: Returned :]

Current Progress: Jaz the Spaz is up once again!
NMGL is returning on July 10th and being renamed!
NMRPASS is returning on July 15th!
"Music Is Our Lives" is premiering July 12th!
Pokémon Frustration is always open :]
See yall soon :]

How to remember when I UPDATE!
Sick[NMRPASS] On Fridays, Fruity[DTF] every Saturday, Spazing[JTS] out Sunday but I Jam out whenever I like [MIOL]!
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    Gaby Sagara
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This just made my night, and Uho! What a hottie! I might have quoted that wrong its been awhile XD RUA is such an awesome game =w=
August 12th, 2010
I agree it can't really be done unless you have flash. That would be awesome if someone did it :]
Man-fawn = greatest line I've heard today XD
Omg I was so happy with these string of updates. This is such a great comic E>
I read your comments, I also saw your new post. I hope that things get better! These are hard times :{ I would also miss your work very dearly
I love the new guys E> his face in last panel makes me happy XD
Wait WHAT???? P_P
Yeah so DTF returns, So yeah just a note. It's suppose to be like RL but I try to add umor because life isn't always so serious and dramatic. Anyway Uh these pages were drawn like 2 years ago so my style changes in the middle of Chapter 2 just a super early heads up :]

Comments appreciated :]
this is too cute E>
E> Your art is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! :"{
D: oh noes, I HOPE SO TOO!
Oh and the pages are showing up now :D
DO my eyes DECEIVE!!!!!!!!!!! I'
ll accept this happily :D hope this means you'll be updating R101 as well missy :D
Why this comic is just a wave ride of emotions. I love that you can feel the characters though. I can't till Track 13!!!!
AHHHHHHHHHHHH D: The suspense ><
June 16th, 2010
Yeah for drunk people XD
This comic is so BA!!!!!!!!!! :D
Ha ha, nice to see you back CT. It seems like all the Sjers from back in the day are returning suddenly :]
I like the randomness this is cute :3
Your art is so refreshing, I'm liking this one a lot :D I can't wait to see more of this!
This comic is so epic :D