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Hello! :)
I personally think Geoffrey is the cutest thing ever but my favorite character would have to be Estel. I feel like she is the character I can relate to the most. I think I'd be just like her if I was in her situation. Lol which is probably not good. Also I just wanted to say I really like your comic. I haven't commented before but I love the characters and the art style. Thanks for all the updates!
I will gladly read that comic!
October 25th, 2012
Are those saffron?
I suppose this is the only way this could have ended. At least he wasn't eaten. I hope he gets a kind master.
I really don't want this to end with the vampire getting eaten, that would just be disappointing.
This is beautiful. He's way deeper than I gave him credit for.
I am amazed by the thought and detail put into this. It's really interesting, I really look forward to your updates. I have one question about the nice zombies, is that gonna get explained later? Or can you explain now if it's not gonna get explained?
Yay! I was looking forward to this part!
Hehe this is called irony. I vote for Unbroken Contract, because I love me a good merman story.
August 4th, 2011
You definitely deserve to be nominated and I will definitely vote for you. I love your comic. It is very beautiful and well written and I look forward to every page you put out.
This is so awesome! I knew Akio was some kind of superman! Can't wait to read more!
So I guess Draco is now gonna get with Alain for comfort now that his brother has died in his arms? That would be rather sickening. I hope Alain will feel some guilt for this, but seeing as he just coldly stuck him with that syringe most likely he won't. How sad.
Hmm...this outta be interesting seeing as he just killed his brother :/ I can only surmise that he doesn't know Alain did it...That would be pretty devious.
Whoah shit just got awesome! Than it already was!
Not sure how I feel about this. I knew it wasn't gonna be sunshine and roses but I didn't think he was just gonna kill the guy like that. I really can't support the Draco/Alain couple now.
Good lord after the beating they got I would have thought they would have the good sense not to come back for more. lol Oh and Akio looks so dreamy in that second panel. Fangirl sigh. :D
Ye Gods that man is Enormous! Downbeat looks like a child compared to him!
I bet he's gonna say something silly again.
Hrm...maybe they wanna warm up and get rid of built up dirt? although the water might make them rot more...
He's either gonna like this or react extremely violent towards this, either way I will enjoy it.