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Love the picture! Hope Missveryvery gets better soon! :)
I remember watching a tv show about black eyed kids, freaked me the heck out! I remember for the longest time I was afraid to answer the door because I thought a pair of 'em would be there!
On the one hand poor Nilus, on the other hand totally jealous of her pretty floofy dress!
OMG! You're back! I have missed this comic so much! :)
omg, Julius's face in the last few panels, its just priceless. xD
I love how unfazed Sergio is with just having talked to a demon in space. xD And how freaked out Julius is,lol. Merry Christmas you two and have a wonderful New Year! :)
Sergio's MP3 player is <3

Sucks that it's the end of the chapter already, doesn't feel like it should be, gah! Time passes way to quick! As always thank you gals for writing such an awesome comic and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter! :)
ooooooh, things just got a bajillion times more interesting~! Julius I know you are grieving but if there's one thing I've learned from watching the many seasons of Supernatural is that deals with Demon's are bad, like uber super bad.
Julius looks so stricken on the last panel. Eeee~! I wish it was next week so we could have another update!
Yay! More Sergio and backstory! :D
D'awwww Sergio's wee lil' face in the last panel! xD And I lurve Sassy Julius!

Textual Message! <3
Sergios smooshed face in the first panel is so cute! And Nilus grabbing Surfer!Vamps finger is pretty funny!
I just read the whole comic and it's just so friggen awesome! I want to wax poetic about this but I'm afraid the my inner fangirl would probably freak you out, lol. xD Can't wait for the next update! :)
*snorfle* Love Everywhere's reaction when he teleported back, he looks so nervous! xD And yay for new superheros! ^_^
Welcome back you two! I have missed seeing new MAOH!
Amazing as always gals! Love the coloring on this one and the heaaaaarrrrrts! So cool! I wish I had the money to go to Sakura con because I would love to meet you ladies but alas between the tickets cost and airfare. *le sigh* But I hope you two have a wonderful time! :D
Welcome back y'all! Love the colors on this page, so pretty, and Lord Aedh looks freaking awesome!
I still get all excited everytime I see the heart pupils, no idea why, lol. Lovely page as always gals! :D
That background is gorgeous! I especially love the night sky it's very beautiful! And yes Simon, "magic be crazy!". CX
Quinton and Jet are bbz? For Quinton that's sorta creepy and disconcerting but for Jet it kinda makes sense in a way. xD
The last three panels are so friggen adorable and *sniff* I just want to hug the two of them and give them cookies! TT_TT