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I'm so glad that someone is finally making a Harvest Moon sprite comic. I'd recommend doubling the size of the sprites occasionally, though. Everything else feels really tight (panel size, spelling, etc.) aside from that.
You might wanna find a way to spell-check these.
This kind of thing sounds fun, and I am all about things going on in the sprite community that aren't flaming and criticizing.

I'll make a decision when more details are finalized.
This is still one of my favorite comics on SJ. Well done.
Hey, you've made it over 50! Congrats!
Well, since it's been nearly a month and no one's said anything...

I guess what I'd like to know is why did you have Celes try to kill herself? Personally, it felt a touch overdramatic. The story as a whole was fine, but that part felt odd to me when I read it. Keep up the good work... even if it is with that gigantic Cloud sprite. ;)
Am I missing something? Should it really matter who made what if the message of "no drama" is... well, actually followed?
I'd recommend just doing away with the name. It's weird to read the name, and then the dialogue. Tails do the job much better anyway.
Cool comic. It's kinda weird how you've got the character's names in the speech bubbles, but it's always nice to see another Megaman comic.
The "ha ha I'm making fun of really bad comics by making an even worse comic!!!" gag is really played out.
I find myself having that problem far too often...
You've got some really cool effects in your comics.
I'm definitely intrigued by this. It's really nice to see old NES Final Fantasy sprites being used as something other than a 8BT rip-off.
Aside from breaking the fourth wall waaaaaaaay too much, I like this comic. I'd suggest not putting the speech bubble tails right into the characters' faces, however. It gets a little distracting, and the readers can understand who's talking even if you just put the tail in the direction of the character. Definitely better than no tails at all, though...
Don't hack yourself too much. You'll go blind.
Really? Because I'm just seeing hindrance after hindrance after hindrance. The damn thing's main page is so clunky now. In all honesty, I'm pretty sure that the only reason you still like it there is that you somehow have a high rating in page views still.
And you were saying DD is better than SJ... why, exactly?
Who even uses IE to begin with?
DD being better than SJ?