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Welcome to ComplicatedNess!
Hello World!

Thank you for taking time to read "ComplicatedNess!"

We really hope you enjoy it!

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This is fun! i like this comic! keep up the good work!
September 28th, 2012
I love your art! it's nice to actually have a good artist around to liven up this community! (full of Pixel Comics)

Keep it up!
September 26th, 2012
Keep it up! i love your art! it is very well done!
Hey, can i be put in the hat for a re-review? i was reviewed about a year ago, and have improved on things that were discussed in my last review ver/

Thanks! much appreciated!
"ComplicatedNess" Link
"ComplcatedNess" Link
I love your art style! what do you use to make the "Blendyness", because ! just love the colors!
ComplicatedNess Link
I love the simplicity of your art! (Not sure if i spelled that right but whatever!)
Yep, sounds like the definition of my comic and life!
Thanks for the review!

I really appreciate it and will take your comments into consideration! :P
I'm Requestign a Review For "ComplicatedNess"

Could ComplicatedNess Get a Review? Thanks!
I am Requesting a Review of "ComplicatedNess" Please and Thank you!
It says nothing about number of "Posts" on the FAQ.