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this comic was funny especially when Amy threw the rock. keep me in suspense and in comedy of laughing until my side hurts. love you man i will always be a fan of your comics.
Who is your favorite person that you ever made from this comic?
I choose Nitro!
havefun at graduation and maybe you can teach me how to make comics so i can do mine
Now you can start on another one
like that last one lol
you should make one when they meets amy
There right on who's the best or not. It's nothing to fight over Right. I even do little sonic empressions but, i don't reject any of them. It's nothing to fight over they are all the best and you can't judge them by there powers. but, if i was doing the comic i would make it a tie.
EGGMAN/BROWSER forgets willy.
They forgot that willy keep saying it to megaman.
what does metal sonic want from sonic?
Doesn't make any sense if u ask me.
Metal sonic :)
who's his target?
Water ballon powers??
Seriously, that's a special power?
What's next? A space power?
If all the heroes are fighting.
Where's metalsonic???
This one is funny cause mario is standing behind him and he gets into trouble alot.
This one is a liitle funny but, when is metalvsBass going to happen.
that'll be epic if you made it.
I agree with your prediction Riley Seeker of Pie.
i think the should have a epic fight.
Man, Bass really needs to chill and go right throught them lol.
But funny comic lol
i think this is the first time leafs fight against wind and win lol
Super Question
When will you show some fighting?
Also bass is out numbered.