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Welcome back!
I think I can speak for everyone still around here, Deviantart and Tumblr when I say we all missed you VERY MUCH =D
How are things with you these days?
Haha this page looks like it took you a while, looks great!

Merry Christmas!
Might be time for the old "put expired rancid milk into a new milk bottle and leave it in the fridge" trick... /evil
I draw lines on all my bottles in the fridge. It's probably sad that I need to but it works like a charm. =D
February 1st, 2012
Haha, awesome!
Gasp! Fav'd
Now I want someone to hug ;_;
Could this be the beginning of some longer storyline?
She is so cute... for an arthropod... >_>
So much detail.
This was a guest comic? It's... it's beautiful...
Captain Fruity needs a nice lesson in humility, hopefully incoming... =P
This wasn't even a planned page, I was just doing sketches (like the one in the 2nd panel) and thought about doing the hair like that digitally and then ended up making a comic page around it. =)
Wat? That map is ooold, its the same one from the original comic. You never saw it? You were there... =P
I may do one day.
It had some fun characters but they were pretty one-dimensional really. and the art, myeeehhhh. I really consider it my stepping stone to something better. AKA this. And like I said in the news post, it's not like the old characters couldn't make a cameo every now and again. Of course they wouldn't have any relevance to someone who hadn't read the old stuff...
What I might do is zip it all up, upload it to mediafire or somewhere and have a download button for anyone that's interested.
On a tip and because it's something that I've thought about doing before, I have now marked where they are on the world map above. Whenever characters go somewhere new I will update it. =]