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March 13th, 2018
Did someone forget something?
Just a question - why has't our little fuzzball of lascivious perversity not made with the zapping of the creeps since it also has the secondary effect of de-magicing and redesigning their outfits?

Oh right - he is an idiot as well as a pervert.
April 2nd, 2015
Awwwww man ....
So the well is still dry .... [sad sigh].

for those who need a link.
January 23rd, 2015
@Some Guy: Bunny?
April 22nd, 2014
Bee Barf
Mary got it pretty darn close.

Only one enzyme is used, invertase, which breaks down the complex sugar in nectar into fructose and glucose.

The rest is dehydration which also gives the hive the added bonus of evaporative cooling during the hot days of summer.

Any flavours you get are from any extra bits coming from the plants the nectar is gathered from. That is why pure honeys have different colours, flavours, aromas and their tendency to crystallize or not.
March 17th, 2014
Next day on the calendar
The next day to mark on your calendar is May 4th Be with You, followed by The Revenge of the 5th. ^_-
March 14th, 2014
Coffee - the worlds #1 drug
Decaffeination was originally done using organic solvents on the beans to leach out the caffeine and then let the solvent evaporate. As most may know, unless you are 100% fastidious, there will always be some solvent left. Most of today's is with the water process which is just soaking in water, filter the caffeine out and use that water to soak the caffeine from the next batch and so on. This way you only use up one batch of beans and don't loose the soluble flavours from the beans.

The civet poop method does not decaf coffee. The cats eat only fully ripe coffee cherries and not green or over-ripe fruit. They are incapable of digesting the beans. Easiest way of collecting beans at peak of ripeness.
I come back every month or two to check on this comic and it does not fail .... well except on the page schedule ... is there a schedule? ... heh, okay okay .... I love the work and would be sad if it up and disappeared. So get better and get more pages posted already - we are your fans - gotta love us - [last said in the voice of baby from Dinosaurs] ;)
Ello? Anybody home?
*knock knock*
Anybody home?
*crickets chirping*
Sigh - hope he is alright >_>
October 7th, 2011
Everyone has creativity and imagination - just look at the play of any toddler to grade schooler.
The thing is it is usually quashed and not encouraged outside of very set up boundaries.
Society is lucky to have any creativity at all considering how it is now set up.
We are even more lucky to have the number of scientists and engineers that we do considering the peer / social pressures counter to their development.
Name calling, derision and scapegoating as dangerous, anyone with a modicum of intelligence and learning.

Steve was a strong person who did what he did despite all that, as opposed to that other guy who used non-ethical business practices to get where he is and then wear the mantle of creative intelligentsia and nice guy.

They will be holding the door open to the eye of the needle for Steve who will enter with a smile.
Aaaaand .........
Congratulations on the new job and hope they don't give you the Denteen treatment.

Hope to see you posting back on a fixed monthly schedule again =P
September 7th, 2011
The child of the FASA MARS system ^_^ is my geek showing?
A role play system where you can spend a couple of hours designing a character and have them die on the first die roll of the first encounter.... or is that the HERO system that I'm thinking of?
September 7th, 2011
It's the local slang mates.
BM03 has it much closer to the mark than boo. Sorry Boo but frozen treats are not part of the equation since Jam/Jelly predates refrigeration.

The British/Aussi term Jelly is equivalent to the NA term for Gelatin based treats. Gummi Bears and Jello being two extremes of the same thing, just like The Doctors Jelly Babies.

As for the bread spread or cake filling, etc.
Jelly - made from the juice of a fruit.
Jam - cooked whole or chopped fruit.
Either may contain added sugar and Pectin to help with the thickening process.


Side note on Pears - I have a pear tree and my solution for the abundance of fruit (except this year) was just peel, core, and slowly cook till they get mushy, then reduce to half their volume or less, then bag and freeze. No added sugar needed and makes a good substitute when baking for lactose intolerant family memebrs.
September 7th, 2011
We used to cook a lot on open campfires in scouting before all the stoves and what not. There is nothing quite like a pizza made over a fire. Mind you getting it to bake properly was always a challenge, especially when someone throws on more wood to be "helpful". =P
August 13th, 2011
Unfortunately the official publishers have the book shops rip off the covers and send them back so the shop gets its money back.
Selling the coverless books is illegal though you will find places selling them.

Those discount books are either warehose leftovers, stock from bankruptcies or just plain ole' bootlegs.
Oh YaYers.

Does that mean I can move this comic back onto my list of regular [ie on time] comics again?
Mid July update? Just a second there, You did not specify what year!!!! =P

... It may seem kind of weird on the surface but you just have to look at some of the more "interesting" couplings in literature, TV and comics.

It is most likely a meme of some sort - the odd-couple syndrome if you will.
Two people who get on each others nerves who work together and fight all the time. After a time, without realizing it they get to tolerate/appreciate/know each other better than any one else in their lives.
The tripping point is when and how the revelation is made - everything from - dang it I love you you dumbass (action dependent on character type) To a third party forcing them into a situation where they forced to realize and admit the relationship (read the script as written but with feeling .... I love you .... I love you too).
heh heh heh
Speaking of romance between characters I can foresee something happening between Nilus and Simon.
I am of a mind that Nilus would take the initiative rather forcefully, no holds barred. *grin*
Blip ..... Blip ...... Blip ...... Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Where is a defibrillator when you need one?
Comics go poof
I have not bought a mainstream comic since the early nineties when things started going to pot with all the alternative covers and other gimmicks.
When the market went bust a lot of the wobbly story lines not only jumped the shark but danced the macaroon with it.

I still buy a couple of self published artists works - Phil and Aaron's works for example, as well as the occasional webcomic in print.