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I <3 Pokemon!! And Pokepeople!! I found Funeral of Hearts through a different forum, AND I FELL IN LOVE WITH POKEPEOPLE!!! If I were a Sorrow, or pokeperson, or whateva, I'd be... Shinx!! I <3 him!!
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update!!! It's been, like, a year!
Where'd it go?!?
uhm.. the comic's not there. Just wanted to let you know..
I love it so far.. faved!!
just look at his face... he is so smiley! :D
April 15th, 2011
+FAV!! I love it! <3
Where's Pikabrother?!?
Pichu disappeared in the 9th panel!!
I thought it was Staryu! You know, in the last panel... Sorry I'm so picky, but, that's just me. :)
February 22nd, 2011
Can't Wait!!!
I mean, seriously. I can't! It's not humanly possible to wait for something this awesome!! :D

~I'm Song+Flower...= Nadine Rose :P~
Er... could u plz plz plz plz plz plz update?? o 3o Cuz U R SUPER DOOPER AWESOME!!! I'm not rushing or anythin, just hopin that you'll update someday... :3
I now have giggle-itis
OMFG!!! rofl sry for abbreviations nd other girlsy shizz, but I CANT EXPLAIN the HILARIOUSNESS IN ACTUAL WORdS. so dont b;ame me. and also, my shift key gets stuck alot, so dont pay attention to the lack of or too much of capitalization