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2 down 6 more to beat u in a flash b**** there ya (flashman) flash (megaman) ah (flash man) you fool flashman in the house and im breakin' the rules no fair im frozen in the air times on my side no time to spare 'bout ta shoot these metal blades straight in your face put all uh wily's robots in their place leave you there so long you rust when im done all thatull be left is dust my time to shine cause im better than most im the trendsetter with a blue suit your toast uuuuummm i gotta blue suit to at least im not as silly as you bout to throw these metal blades and cut a hole in your a** and ill get my dog rush to take a picture of dat DEAD
how do u do it
what do you need to have to fuse pokemon sprites
i can beat him easier
I always defeat Crashman first in Megaman 2, just make sure you have 1 or 2 e-tanks handy.