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Too late to think of a better comment.
Eggman's about to show up. Stay around.

Also there just so much a robot can handle.
All in good time.
@Fox9er: All in good time my friend. There a reason for the low number of enemies, they being able to survive a fight against Knux and for sonic to need half an hour to get there.

And that all I'm saying for now.
Possibly only one page this week.
That all I have to say for this page.

Also I should start to get better names for the pages or just change the names all together for "Page 1", "page 2", ect.
Friday = Free time.
Before people start arguing about the 4ยบ panel here's a quick summary.

Sonic has to chose with way Beta is going to attack. Since he's more of a action that a thinking guy he chooses wrong. Tails and his intelligence choose right and the fire is from high to low because that where Tails was.

Also I'm looking around this program and might start to add a few better effects in a few comics.
@Chaos TH: No it didn't. And that why It takes so long. Paint is annoying when it comes to layers. I use and abuse the Ctrl+Z with erases your last change.

Also Thanks dood.
@Reidy: I always liked arts stuff like draws and stuff. Pain is the only program I've use so I guess I was experience with.

I've tried comic before but never finish because I didn't like the story or I just got bored.

Also thank for the comic. I had no idea how good or bad my comics where. It means a lot.
Changing to one comic a week.
This is bad. I just started doing comics.

Then again its mostly out of inexperience I need so muck time to make them and school comes first.
That's debatable
@jakeroo123: Since I'm using the sonic Advance sprites I was trying to follow its mechanics. In Sonic advance 3, when sonic run fast enough he would create blue clones. There Tails or any of his partners would just disappear off screen and return latter.

Unlucky I didn't find the blue clones sprite to add so I just let it like that.
Lame title.
So I may only post one page this week. Other than that I'm not too happy about this page. Because of the size limit I might stop doing this animation and do a special one square with an animation from time to time. That would work better.
@jakeroo123: I know. I was using Hollywood science.

Cool > realism.
So far so good.
Yay for second page.

Its hard to give the last panel the idea that they're out of the line of fire (not the robot range) since the sprites are all 2 dimensional
And so it begins.
Well this will be my first project of this type ever. I hope I don't chicken out.

I'll try to had a moving square from time to time.
February 6th, 2011
What wrong with that guy? Is like he can't be in the same place more that a few seconds. Vas send him trow the roof and he just gets even more excite.