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Heya. I like Pokemon, Zelda, Naruto, Sonic, Mario, and video games in general. I know my comics are crap and the characters look different in every panel, that won't stop me from making it.
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I love how demoralized George looks in that fourth panel. Like she just realized how screwed over Atty is with his bad choice in teammates.
I like how his face is all creepy at first but then he gets all happy in that second-to-last panel
I think I might just get a Kanto-bound game, get Charmander, catch a Pikachu, and name them Dragonthing and Rat.
@melaredblu: FUN FACT ABOUT SKYWARD SWORD-They actually make you put back the rupees if your wallet is full or at a point where you cannot carry the rupees.
Well. That's not at all what I expected.
Hm. I think, only now, does Atty realize the potential danger of sending either of his Pokemon up against this Onix.
Even though it was quite a long time since the last update, I'm glad I stuck through! I'm glad to see you back! x3
>Begin to rave to the beeps
> Receive call from Dr. Tel. A. Kenesis
>Pick up one of those toy fans and turn it on, thusly doing 'the windy thing'
>Look online for building tips
They call her... Dragon Born.
That is totally a FUS-RO-DAH.
Now, I want to make three Fakemon that only know Splash or some other useless move that causes no damage.
...Actually that's a great idea. I'm going to do that.
That's the Fourth Wall. The Fourth Wall is extremely easy to break, although its door... not so much.
What Atty needs to do is learn that glitch that allows him to skip past that guy. But then again I don't think he'd know about that too well.
I always thought Komali was five... But then again, I thought Link was five too because of the style of the game.
I heard some people you can't leave Pewter. Obviously, George knows of 'The Glitch' you can do in Red to skip that guy and move on without the Pewter Badge. It works in Yellow as well, I tried it! ...Although it makes Pikachu glitch all to hell.