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Scrape the Wolf
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Hi. I'm new here. I guess you could say this is my way of introducing myself.
No, CD-i Zelda is.
I'd have to say Kirby vs. Super Buu.
The clothes need work on the shading. Also maybe try and edit the hair more. There should also be more difference in all the shades.
The colors on the Mecha sprites look similar to something I've made...
That's actually the biggest reason why I hate it.
I was bored, thought I'd give it a shot. I don't like it, personally.
Oh god, I hated that movie so much.
What are your thoughts on modern day's Pop Culture, be it games, music, television, movies, etc?
I read the manga and wanted to make this. He's as close to the original as I could get. The blades in the second pose were just something I thought up. They're big enough to use in close-range combat. They not only act as blades, but shields as well.
C+C would be appreciated, but I don't care about color limits.
Credit to Sprites INC. for Shadow Man sprites and original blades.
I think I might be getting some ideas, actually.
@Chris the wolf:
Just look for someone talking about Silver's boss fight in 06 and you'll understand.
@Chris the wolf:
(Note: I don't hate Silver, I'm just pointing out a big reason why people hate him so much.)
Oh, that makes sense. Still hate that they chose an O6 level, though.
I question why they chose an 06 level instead of a Secret Rings level. That would've been a lot better if you ask me.
I didn't know what to do next (for two months! ARGH!) so I made this. I started reading the manga, which made me want to do this. I'm personally more proud of the Shadowman sprite. Wily was rushed.
I doubt anyone will read this but I'm gonna comment anyway.
When I saw the preview for the Judgement Day plot for the original Millennium, I was curious about it. I think you should try doing it for this.
Cool, thanks.
Edit: Oh, and this is shaping up to be a nice comic, btw.
Did you make some of these sprites yourself? If so, do you have some kinda showcase for them? I hate to ask, but I need these. I'm still new to Kirby spriting.
What you're mistaking to be Fire Man is actually Heat Man. (This is not trolling, I'm merely telling you.)