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I like: yaoi, yuri, rock music, indie british comedy shows, hanging out with my friends, art, lots of stuff, but I'll leave it at that for now.

I dislike: school, clowns, really heavy muddy rain, cabbage.

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that was soo sweet!!! and the art is gorgeous! +fav. <3<3<3
ooh, I wonder who she thinks it was....
yay!! <3
will they make out? will they realise quite how much they enjoy it? will we then get to see hot man-in-skirt-smex 6 pages from now? please say we will. ^____^ >__<
mmm... crossdressing... yummy..
nooo!!! arranged marriages are the epitomy of evil.
ZOMG ODILE IS SO SMEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please tell me he's not really evil.....
haha that last panel reminds me of when my friends both grabbed my arms and were like "she's my groupie!" "no, she's my groupie" crazy days....
ooh a connection...

I dunno.

anyway I love this comic!!!
aww yay!!! soo sweet! now make with the smex already!!!
yay! update! and also, comment virginity!
that's soo sad!!
yay gaia! *goes off to join guild*
I kinda agree with Necromancer, but that would be a kinda crappy plot, and can mermaids write? the ink would run underwater. well anyway, cute page!
14??? I feel like a perv... I'm almost 16....
*drools* full out seme seduction mode rocks!!!!

this comic rox my socks!

Just thought I'd mention it.
ooh that's so hott!!!!! *unties Atsushi and drags him off*