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I'm a weird loser person who sits in the back and draws countless amounts of craptastic art. I like anime and music. I love concerts(moshing++) and anime conventions when I can affored them. I'm shy unless anime is in your interest...and I like rpg games...and yea...
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lol that's so cute....rain chambers....
yeah, it's cute ^^ favs
the long haired one is hottness....if his hair was cut in the back it'd be like mine, blue hair rules ny
I don't like her T_T....leave him alooone
kill the gossip queen with your smartness and run away.....*zooom*
this is funny and i love that kid prince dude...don't know why...fav'd ^^
I agree with Antares ^^
for some reason I imagine the prince with a british accent O_o when he said, "What a pity!" lol......yea..
aww I kind of feel sorry for the kid, eh not really I hate kids too. fav'd ^^
this is very unique. I really like how different this is than all the other comics here ^^. I can't wait to read more.
this is very interesting. I love your style. You do deserve many fans because this comic is awesome. I love how you portray charaters.
lmao, i love that skye...he's my new web-comic best friend...
I like the plot and detail in this story. This is very good ^^. fav'd
YAY awesome
this is katie by the way
I think this is the funniest comic on this site, fav'd
aww they're so cute together
fav'd, this is really cool, I love your style and the mysterious cat..who i think just got revenge lol