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Troll in the Woods
Greetings, I'm another inhabitant of this planet who enjoys to write her own stories and play bass. Proud Homestuck!
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Hooray! finally an update!!

sorry for being an asshole and tasking so long with this (it's not even that well drawn).
I'm so sorry!!
Hi guys, um as you can see I havn't updated in a while because of a shitload of stuff going on irl. i had this play and then some tests and today I thought i would be able to draw and put up a new page but noooo, I still have a lot of things to do :C so until then you get to oogle a fine piece of art (i made it in less than a minute)~~

(the comic will be up and going at full speed when the holiday break starts (wich is soon))
experimenting with lights but i got kinda lazy so...ehehehe

I swear the fun wiill start soon (fun and fun it's just them explaining stuff that should be explained like the fact that Nick, the protagonist ate a woman!!)
Woop woop! I'm going to only say positive things here since i just discovered how much I whine about stuff, and that's no fun to read now is it? ^^

(do people even read this silly comments?)
Sorry for being late :( I was working on another series and drawing homestuck fanart :)
Hooray, I made it!

Today's pages was dedicated to draw facial expressions,I failed miserably ;n; (but at least i tried :))
So this one took me a long time to make because it never made sense to me...oh well at least I made something. Man I need to practice on drawing hands.

Hopefully the story will start making sense now :)
So...I'll just leave this here.

New chapter starts this weekend :)
this weeks second page will be delayed, school stuff o__o
Ugh, I redrew this and it still looks kinda wierd, oh well :)
Next page will be up tomorrow :)
Here, have new page :)

(blaargh! I kinda lost motivation doing this page and redrawing it made it look even more as if a horse had vomted over it.)
Hey guys :)
Hello, it's been a while since i last posted anything here but here I am, still alive and stuff.

So due to lack of confidence and a whole lot stuff going on IRL I decided to redraw this whole comic...and changing the story. I made this while pulling out ideas out of a hat and it is still like that, but the story now has a goal and stuff that a story should have otherwise it sucks...ok it doesn't i have read a lot of comics who don't and are still amazing, but back to the point! The story is still about Nick and his friends, but the story is more darker now and will have fight scenes. Also I will update weekly (sundays or tuesdays and thursdays)because this will be the year long project I will present at school (as a senior year I have to do this in order to graduate properly). so yeah, please tell if there's something I can make better or just leave a friendly comment :) If you have read the previous story (the poorly drawn one that i abandoned) i would like to say that the story is nothing like the previous one. You have been warned!
Happy holidays everyone :)
And that's it for this week :D
Alcy looks so cute! ^^
Tada!! I'll probably upload a lot of pages by christmas and new years :D