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Hi there!! I've always loved comics! I always get inspired by so many talented comic artists out there that I've made so many attempts at making my own comic... only to look at my own work and lose faith in myself. This time, I thought I'd be different and start believing in myself. Someone very special in my life told me, "Hey, everyone starts somewhere. If you don't start at number 1, you'll never get to number 500." In reference to my own attitude of being the best straight away. I think I've finally snapped out of it and this is my attempt at starting, really starting, from number 1.
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@Digdug: No idea, yes it looks kind of dodgy
@Digdug: this is what happens when I'm under pressure.. which you put on me :P
@Digdug: Yesssss, at least it sounds good :P
My dream last night
So... last night I had this dream that we all developed more control over our 'auras' and we were doing this training. Most were focusing on creating 'power balls' they can hit others with (dragon ball?) but I found that I was more in tuned to flying, I had the most wonderful floaty feeling!!!

*sigh* IF ONLY!
I am officially posting as myself instead of as Digdug :P
That's awesome!! Two things:
Why do we look naked? o_O
I WISH I WAS LIKE CRUISING ON A SHIP!!! O wait, I hate cruise, I wish I was like relaxing somewhere like that (tropical island?)..

THE REALITY??? *will be posted in the next comic*
Take over
Erm..yes..that was me, laughing through your body (hostile take over? O_o)
Omg.. so cute! and so true! :)
Life is beautiful...
...when you can run around naked without a care in the world :>
Nice one Dougy... but u didn't do it today, u did it last week :P Hate to burst your bubble though, but convincing one person to start drawing again is hardly controlling the world :>
@ Digdug
Um.. no. It's not! I know who u are!!! :P
....the reason why I haven't posted for so long was cos I got stuck in a time capsule???
*hee hee! hee!!!*
@genocideMonkey: lol I think unfortunately many of us suffer from these thought bubbles! We just have to learn to pick ourselves up again :)
The reason...
...why sometimes I don't update xD
This is actually kinda cute|! I encourage you to keep drawing <3333
@genocideMonkey: Oh... and thx so much for being a fan <33333
You should totally still go on!
@genocideMonkey: OMG maybe that's why I haven't gotten any faves!!! Thx for letting me know :)
Sad, I know...
...but definitely a fun idea for a comic :3
I wanted the big one!~
This really happened >_<