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Excerpt? (Couldn't come up with anything else)
I'd had it all, the world in my hand
I'd had it all, or so I thought
But then I wound up at your door
And knew you were exactly what was missing

I don't know if it's everlasting
I don't know where this goes next
If you didn't know, I'm new to this
Something I've only known to be a fantasy, never for the likes of me
Only with you is it true
Pads on feet
Charmander doesn't have those toe pads. The manga version has a medium-sized colored circle in the middle of its foot (kinda like the belly), and the anime version has a spot that covers almost the entire bottom of the foot. Google saves the day, once again!

By the way, I absolutely love this comic. I've seen plenty of poor attempts at original Pokemon stories, but this one already trumps them all. Looking forward to more updates!
This page made me want to cry at how badly I want a Charmander. Too cute!