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Because Coolsville is for Scooby-Doo?
Took me a bit to figure out the paneling for this page. It's fun to mess around with color and composition.

Next, finally we get to school, where we'll follow around some new characters.
hm aww... I don't quite know how I feel about this scene? ;_; I think it's really important, and it makes me feel .. I don't know, uncertain?? about their relationship?? about how I feel about the characters?
It's very emotional, and it makes me worry for the characters QQ
oh that's a wonderful Blythe expression in the last panel.. such a withering glare :'D

I like this panel's composition ;u;
@Afterburner: ;u; aw, thanks so much!
Weird, busy-or-something past couple of weeks... ok ok I am going to power through. Stay tuned, there are new pages in the works~!

also- CRYING thanks, friends, for all the sweet comments ;__; you guys are too good to me.
I rather like this page. A new character introduced...?
;u; sweet update~

and (in response to your reply) as usual you are always welcome~
WAHH his face in the third panel ok :') these two are adorable.
I like that they can both help each other out. and that last panel is wonderful~
;u; smart Ruthie... giving advice to Sasha and maybe herself, too?

oh wow Avery looks fab here XD cool inking job, and I really love her dress...
oh man so many dramatic things in these past few updates ;___;

I really love this page. I don't know exactly why, but I like the coloring a lot and I think it's paced nicely. I like heads slowly turning to profiles :'D
Sasha's expression in the last panel is really great.

get better soon! :T sicknesses tend to go around this time of year.
Still trying to get a hang of this comic process... Just gotta move on!

Meet Marsha Evers.
For my wmst class final paper I'm working on about the "manic pixie dream girl" trope. A lot of the stuff I'm looking into is how the male character seems to glorify the girl, thinking she's beautiful and wild and exciting and just the person to snap him out of his funk. But novels and movies that treat the trope well work to point out how detrimental this mindset can be, when you're thinking a person is more than they are.
I feel like this is how Blake sees Blythe, for the most part. She's his dream girl, and he does want to get to know her more, but he needs to learn that he can't change her or be disappointed when he discovers qualities about her that he hasn't expected.

It's interesting to see more into Blythe's personality now that she's a more constant part of the story. :3 and as usual, Blake's growth is always so interesting to follow.. I can see how you're throwing in the sympathy bit, with her imminent graduation, and I wonder how he will adapt to these changes. :v
awh... ;; I'm feeling some sympathy for Daisy....
okay wow this update had great facial expressions all around XD
Daisy is so expressive and she jumps to conclusions and is smotheringly annoying, but I can't help love her inclusions in the story :'D

also Blake's face here in panel 3 is hilarious. "T_T"
and he looks so guilty when she's shouting at him :'U
(please don't be daisy please don't be daisy)

I love the way you draw empty word balloons for conversations c: it makes it look like they're having a party, which is just adorable <3
;___; Janie's expression....
;__; the way he looks at her... man, I love the range of emotion at the end of the chapter. good chapter, good chapter.
the fire going out is a nice touch c:
asjdkfjsld oh my goodness :'D

(arrrr I totally don't know what to ship anymore XD)
the colors on this page are lovely in capturing the emotion ;A; sunset-colors, it makes the moment so tender rrr I almost forget about all of the complexities in the story ;;