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Magic weapons
This reminds me of gamers meme on Pentrist so I'll pass the advice on to Drake.

When it comes to naming your new ultra powerful magic weapon, Doom Bringers and Soul Reavers are a dime a dozen but none of your enemies will overcome the ultimate shame of being slain by the Fluffy Bunny!
It's a box of chocolates, with blood red cherry centers! Yea!
Welcome Back! Hope your New Year was happy!
Win Win
Sounds like a pretty fair and equitable system to me. Blood voluntarily given in return for land and protection. As a taxing system goes I could live with that. Of course, there probably some regular taxes involved too. It must work if they have enough Human entering the system to sustain them.
Moral ambiguity, Archie sounds more interesting by the moment.

So what sort of books do Vampires have in their library? *looks around at titles* Oh this looks promising, "To Serve Man". hehe
We're keeping an eye on you
Oh a bureaucrat and Big Brother! Such a comfort he is.
Archie: Vampire Bureaucrat!
Ohh sounds like a spin off series!!!! Hehehe
Yea Wolf Dogs!!!
Yep the whole Vampires vs Werewolves is entirely a recent movie thing. Since this is clearly a future society hybrids makes perfect sense once the Humans stopped inbreeding them the dogs would have started drifting back genetically towards their wolf cousins and interbreeding with wild wolves would have hastened that process.
Yay the Trickster is back!
The text was a little fuzzy to me but stepping up the zoom on my browser worked fine.

Storyteller's are the Trickster's domain, I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense.
Always hate it when the Great Spirits start micro-managing.
Fire Raven and Trickster Raven hehehe.
I like her, I suspect my Kit character would like her too which would make things interesting since he the son of a Trickster.

Kit the Coyote: "Hello Foxy Lady, care for a drink? (smiles and adds in a lounge lizard voice) Did you know my Dad's an immortal Trickster Spirit?"
Kit the Coyote says: "He likes 'dark' boy's does he?" Checks the leather bindings wove into his tail and adds a decorative colored ribbon on top and gives Aylis his best 'come hither and kneel at my feet' look
Kit the Coyote waves, "Hi Dad!"

I love the explanation of the last two pages! Gods exist because Humans believe in them and Humans exist because Gods created them. BECAUSE causality (time) doesn't apply to the Other World! I love it.
Story Time!
Breaks out the popcorn and peanuts and shares them around.
Fire and the Trickster Hurray!
The other was the Trickster!? Hurray! The Trickster wold be my Avatar Kit the Coyote's patron God. Hehehe.

Of course, I would call the Fire God Sparky in the most respectful reverent way. Everyone knows he a bit hot headed. :)

It makes so much sense that Drake would be his champion. Dragons are the most powerful of the Fire Spirits. When someone hasn't slapped a seal on them that is, poor Drake.
Yay the Fire God! I think I will call him Sparky!
Silly Dragon
Dragons, meta-humans, super-villians never get cocky in a fight with mere mortals, that is when you make those stupid mistakes.