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I know exactly how he feels. Poor lad...
Moondragon or ithilloke, not sure which. No, I got my monthly receipt.
I haven't been able to access your Patreon for the past two weeks. No idea why, so I'm going to put my vote here for the latest NSFW pairing poll. Arei/Taron and/or Tisik/Arei.
I can't see the update!
Methinks he doth protest too much!
Methinks I detect some jealousy! Nice use of keylighting, by the way!
Love it!
Uh, oh...
"You have no idea, Monsieur!"
March 9th, 2018
Glad you're back!
Taron still doesn't realise he just did the same thing as Arei in order to save him. Good to see!
Serves her right for underestimating him!
This seems so melancholy somehow...
What a beautiful sextant! Looks like we may be learning something deeper about Sulvain. Yay!
Poor demon!
Perfect symmetry!
This page breaks my heart...
I look forward to it!