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A truer word was never spoken! ;-)
Interesting that necromancers are burned and /or otherwise executed. Is this why Magoi have code-words when greeting one another? Out of fear of discovery?
Poor Arei...still lookin' rough.
@Merrsharr: I suppose it would depend on what the time frame was. Either way, he died. I find it interesting that the dead in this story have emotions. I've often wondered about that possibility.
What's she supposed to do? Live like a nun because he's dead? Highly unfair, says I!
Creepy words hanging in the air...not good!
No one could resist Raz's "starry-eyed" look...or his enthusiasm!
Point taken!
Brilliant idea, asking Arei to be his advisor. I doubt Taron will like it...
This guy looks like a better partner than Ulii.
Mmmm, Arei sandwich....
But still gorgeous!
Very uncomfortable! I'd be pissed...
Mine too, apparently! ;-)
I think so. It looks good on him. :-)
@WingFreak: My thoughts exactly!