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Ah, the details!
I mean, come on! Naked Arei or Boneyman...
House of dragonflies, eh? Interesting. Lots to do with transformation!
Very happy for the update!
Great little spy! ;-)
@RenRou: Whew! That sounds great!
Oh no! How log will those of us who can't afford to support you on Patreon have to wait?
No no no no no!
He's having a case of the "if onlys...."
@NikuComics: Details, details...
I'm pretty sure their noses are red from 'holiday cheer'. ;-)
He certainly did! What?!
December 26th, 2018
Is this some kind of demon speech?
Happy Holidays to you as well!
Oh dear. I hope he doesn't start doubting him...
@Novae Comic: Sulvain's one of those interesting people who dips into various cultures...maybe he's lived them too. He's one of the most fascinating characters I've ever run across in fiction. Period.
The globe holder's amazing! I'd love one like that.
@CarolinaD: Stellar...I saw what you did there! ;-)