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Okaaaaaaayyy...not creepy at all!
"I'm looking at his naked chest! Finally!"
Oh, man. This sucks...
May 19th, 2019
Finally! Been waiting for this!
@Novae Comic: No doubt. He doesn't want him to worry.
She is so naughty! Poor Sulvain. Once again, he's embarrassed around Raz. He needs more practise. ;-)
Sulvain: "Oh, no! And here I am, half-naked. With a woman!"
Not good, keeping secrets...bad juju!
It's quiet...TOO quiet!
@Huntik13: Degree of ripeness? The number of grains indicating decades? Great question!
Hopefully curiosity won't kill the Magoi!
Fascinating! And welcome back!
Good to have you back!
Ok, that took me by surprise.