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Details, details...
November 9th, 2019
Cheeky grin. I like it!
I love it too. He's hilarious!
Probably not...
Oh? Oh. You mean the mittens...
No pressure...
ACK! Noooo!
"Oh, look! Squirrel!" Distraction, distraction...
I wonder why he frets?
And if they had been guy and girl, no questions asked. This needs to change!
Possibly some old fears about to be faced?
October 11th, 2019
So beautiful!
Oooo! Dare? Invitation? Dare I say, proposal? <3
And here I am, wondering how he eliminates...
I'm not sure I get Kim at all. He seems like a real narcissist!
I LOVE this page! The mirroring of the meteors in both shield and sword! Such a brilliant idea!
Dragon: Nom nom nom...
I think Sulvain sees much more!