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@portisHeart: I totally agree!
Who needs flying monkeys, when you have attack butterflies, eh? ;-)
Unfortunately for that guy, he was a minor character...;-)
@Novae Comic: ;-) I'm known for my gallows humour...HA!
Not easily put off, is she? Hmmm...
Good to see you back!
Not good. Necromancers kinda like to keep their work under wraps, so to speak...if not underground. Heh.
Death is a friend to Sulvain, therefore, not unknown. Following a sketchy redhead, however...dangerous stuff!
Um, ok...scary!
Insulting, pushy...not cool!
Always good to have a dragon lord on your side!
Soooo glad you're back. Bring it on!
That's one heck of a sword!
@YaoiGirl09: I think it's up to the artist to make sure they always have perfect hair! ;-)
Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on here??
Or not wearing his clothes...
It just kills Taron to show he cares...
It appears that Sulvain has talked to her about Raz before. That makes me happy!
Choking on the word 'pleasure', eh? Looks like he's been thinking about it...a lot!
Poor Sulvain. Looks like he's recalling bad memories.