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Asper: I'm going to need a few more drinks!
Assertive is good!
The hearts just kill me!
This does NOT bode well!
Risky? Exciting? Predictable? Tell me, man!
November 13th, 2018
Now there's a question you don't hear every day!
Poor Raz...
I see someone about to be shanghaied, I'm thinking!
@Zyephen: He's one of my top two favourites among your characters, so this one hurts!
He feels so useless he's ready to embrace death. My heart goes out to him!
I love the snaky conspirators. Their expressions are priceless!
Near drowning might do that to you, I guess. I hope it's temporary!
Poor Raz. He's probably wondering what he's gotten himself into...
Poor Sulvain. It's no fun being yanked back from the other side like that!
Check out pics of Trelleborg, Denmark :-)
It looks like one of the old viking towns like we have here in Denmark. :-)
Beautiful musculature!
Afraid to get his heart hurt again, eh?
Uh oh...