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I love the perspective in panel 4. Not the easiest angle to draw. Kudos!
@Novae Comic: The best guess yet, I would say. The threads are breaking...
I love how you managed to get the tremble in Raz's voice. Brilliant!
Same here!
I love when that happens. Go with it!
Something wicked, this way comes!
July 3rd, 2018
Beautiful emotion!
Only a dab?
Sulvain's a creature of the night anyway, so....
*sigh* Lovely, just lovely! All of it!
Such beautifully expressive hands! And oh, the look on Sulvain's face in the last panel...
@Novae Comic: Sulvain's intelligence is so sexy!
I love that Raz gave some Sulvain food for thought.
Arei nearly dies and all Taron can think to do is yell at him. TCH!
I just noticed that Sulvain's not wearing his beautiful cloak. Maybe it magically appeared in my closet! Gonna go check...
I was just thinnking of this story today, so it's great to see another page. Welcome back!
This is some beautiful artwork! The bodies are gorgeous!
@Novae Comic: Spot on! All your research pays off!