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what else can I say, I live for Yaoi<3
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youre back;___; Ive missed this comic soooo much! hope you keep it comming:D!!
April 17th, 2007
god, that's so cute you just wanna lay down and die^^
February 5th, 2007
You are so great! I have computerstudies right now and it is sooo boring! But with youre comic my mondays are much les sucky:P And once again; Thank you for the omake! it was priceless:P And yeah; Aqua ruled! Have both their cds to:P and a concert VHSXD
great, I like how you are planing, cuz the original is much beter, but it is a tragedi and I don't want anybody to die.... Unless they both die together, that could work aswell....:P
is this the Disney version or the real one? Because I don't want anybody dying....:(
Günter rules! :P just kiddingXD but I have seen him for real once>.< He was performing in Linköping where I live, I have his autographXD And omg! Aqua! It's been forever since I heard that song:P
* Agrees with emotional.... what is it with people, can't they justleave you alone?!
so....cute! I just want to hug them<3
they can take turns to top:3 I wanna see some actionXD
I wana join toXD
make me a member, cuz i've never been kissed either!

But I'm only sixteen so..
December 11th, 2006
It's so...
Proffesional! I realy like it:3