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Place your bets. Mages or monster, arcane or abyss, wizards or writhing horror. Place your bets here.
@Voidwolf: Welcome to the party.
The hell is going on?
That is 8 different kinds of not good.
I knew that Amical was just going to keep restarting.
That is disturbing. On multiple levels.
He's a cheat
He's going to restart as many times as it takes. He's so smug. And Normally I hate smug characters. Why do I love Amical so much?
So thats the kind of stuff a Mage can pull Interesting.
Why universe?!
First Homestuck tears my heart out and now this?!
I'm actually still puzzled by this. I still can't tell if Hizrim is Malevolent or not.
Im not overly familiar with the world of darkness( or at least not the parts that involve Mage the awakening very Much) My understanding is mostly about the smaller titles(Geist, Changling, Promeathean) Which is why Im asking here what is Hizram supposed to be?
Wait a second...
The thought just occurred to me. What if that dark place we keep seeing is the hedge. It makes sense, dark mystical place thats hard to reach humans tortured for what seems to be nothing more than amusement.
And just like that...
The plot thicken's, like a soup that has had too much cheese added.
That's more than a little creepy.
so basically
Amical cares more about a chunk of wood than his "seedlings" progressing? What a dick.
The music is oddly fitting.
Are we going to be getting another "Amical Says" segment?
This comic went from interesting to nightmare town on a dime. Color me intrigued.
What have we here...?