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im not internationally known, but ive been known to rock a microphone
March 24th, 2011
love it, lumi in that dress = hot DAMN. ;D
but that last panel, aww poor lumi. that brooch being a big deal to ulla is interesting, as well as lumi's attachment to it.
March 17th, 2011
ohohoho, i like her already.
any moment now i keep expecting ulla to sing that song "popular" from the musical 'wicked' to lumi...
and what does king simo want? >:O and how did that rat get on her shoulder so fast can it fly. nevermind stupid question. tristan-froggy > flying rat with a bow anyday.
aghhhhh is it next week yet :<
oh! you did the same thing with ukin, and im so glad to see you did it with hemlock too!

aha oh man, i totally thought of that patrick wolf song when i found out his name, its so neat how it fits :>

and i shall began finding those songs and obsessing over

edit: the other two songs i mean xP
March 10th, 2011
...oh WOW
so, he's the one who murdered hrimfaxi then? thats so cold!
i was wondering if it was just lumi with dark hair at the beginning of chapter two. i can relate to that little girl with the missing teeth, i want to hear about the lady too, even if she was eaten by sindri :<
the-the familiars, so did the witches take familiars because those horses are baba yagas' sons' familiars? or because they were inspired by them?

and that angry glare between sindri and simo, oh man.
ahhh each week seems even longer then the week before x.x cant waaaaait
February 24th, 2011
awwww! is it weird that i think sisu's the cutest? how could baba yaga have such a cute son!

hmmm, isnt hrimfa-(xi) the subject that her husband reminded her that she killed as well? oh man this is getting good.
February 17th, 2011
omg omg omg
but, this is the lady who accidently does something that has yet to be revealed right?
ahhh i want to know what it isssss

...we havent already 'met' her 'son' by any chance have we? no, im getting too ahead of myself. i cant wait for next week~
February 10th, 2011
what. WHAT.
you TEASE.
awwww but those kids, i'm jealous :'C i want to hold tristan-froggy.