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Hello, I am C.Virus, you can all me C.
I am the Co-Author of a Mass Project called Project Puppet.
I am also to blame for all the small shorts and fillers that will occupy the comic, filly it with funny little extra for everyone.

On a side note, a small strip panel comic may be shown on here.
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....Am I the only one who kinda likes bug pokemon. I mean, I loved Beedrill, Butterfree and even Weedle, if you trained up that damned weedle to level 20 something, then did the evolving sequence, a beedrill would be even more kick ass.

And as for the comic, truely epic. I wonder what level that Pikachu is actually, because if it is an unlucky level 3, going up against a metapod will be annoying as hell.
March 15th, 2011
Hell yeah, an update. This manga is kick ass, I love the style of the art and the story line is amazing, keep it up.
HAH! You just got owned girl!!!
That was a classic moment in the Mokepon world. But yes, that is deffinatly how you do it.
The ball might have been a quick ball, but they don't come out yet.
Such a confusing moment.
A very different style to what I would usually go for, but this is very sweet. A nice four panel comic, I like it. Hoping to see more.