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Ava needs to join Melody's crew just for the comic effect. On every page, there would be at least one panel of SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH SKETCH
Dreamclaw: Pokeballs are hypnotizing devices, duh. Stops 'em from rebelling. Dragonthing's is just broken.
They should so have a cannon for Melody to
"practice" levitation on.
That's probably the first time I've seen the sound effect "bloosh". Nice.
I can't believe Atty is keeping at it without a complaint.... or is he?
Happy Friday the 13th!
Murder and murder and YEAH!
Smoky the Atticus starts forest fires. Oh, yeah.
"or cumin!"
I see what you did there...
I enjoyed Black, but that's just me. Anyhow, another amazing comic! Keep it up! (And yes, it was worth it drawing Pikachu that much.
This does seem like the kind of day only you could have.

Edit: First! Not that it matters.
The fact that you capitalized "not" makes me think you're lying. P:

That, or this guy magically teleported in into his TV from our world.
Perhaps he could have a few trinkets? Similar to how Dumbledore has those odd things scattered around his office. He is the headmaster of a magic... uh... school, after all. Maybe a little vial of something or another. If memory serves, you said you didn't want generic magic things, but it might help.
He left his ear medicine... beside a random sapling? I guess this is the same guy who thought lying down was better at keeping people out than fences.
Oh, Tommy's not going to like this at all...
Get there BEFORE Melody messes something up? Don't be silly, Tea, that would never happen.
Chapter 4, wow! This is an excellent comic, keep it up!
@Fang Agreed. Ash can go die... oh wait, he already did.