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April 26th, 2015
I want Kitty Cat hair clips now.
XD I love how you portray the cats.

"Gnoo, Gnooo!"

Of course Castalia wants to stay with the pirate that brings her delicious treats. <3
April 12th, 2015
@JigokuNeko I would love some blue cheese and caramel. XD That actually sounds better.
WOOOW. I love the whole "puppet show" idea.

And yay! Lorenzo! <3 I love Lorenzo.
April 10th, 2015
Onion and Chocolate...

And suddenly I'm no longer hungry.
I thought that myself, Curiouser. How.. does Gemma know that Kane cannot sing? The simple explanation is that Circe has obviously talked about Kane. Or that its just common knowledge in the Mediterranean Sea that Wilson Kane cannot sing.

And if I remember correctly, the one time he sang in Pirate Balthasar, he was amazing. So this "He cannot sing" is rather a lie. XD Which might be the joke.
Methinks Kitty Castalia has a crush. <3
@zenat My current Inquisitor would pay Kieran all his gold if Kieran rode that griffon infront of Morrigan.
His making of the toy griffon has nothing to do with the Inquisitor, in fact. Romanced or no. XD But I can see why you took it that way. He is making it for the children in Skyhold.(Though you never really see any, I assume there are some families who joined together..)
Run diagonally all you want, kitty! Do it for Lorenzo!
This is hilarious. I love the way they interact with each other now. I know they're enemies, but... I don't know. They almost seem like school kids in this page.
Is that an Ahr shoulder I see?
And here, have some fanart. XD I linked you to it on DeviantArt too, but I wanted to show it here too. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!

Also, have fun on your cruise. Keep up the good work!
Personally, I want to see what happened to Josh, but I'm more then happy to read the comics in whatever order Deda makes them! <3
I think Nicoli's husband (Not Ahr) might like Nicoli's kids, and perhaps even Ahr. He seems intelligent. He must be aware he is much older then Nicoli, and could not keep her happy in a physical sense, or father children. And he is not selfish enough to keep her from doing so with the man she does love. I don't know his name, but I respect the man. He's happy with his books, and Nicoli and co. are happy with him being there.
No, its perfectly fine to squeal like a girl. XD
September 22nd, 2013
I think "Being an Earth Goddess" was used to describe the curse(Or whatever it is.) Of never being able to bear children without dying and passing the curse to them? If you died after making love, that would kind of suck, Goddess or no.
I've voted for Pirate Balthasar both rounds so far! <3
OOoh.. I'm looking forward to it. :3
Ahr's hair looks less floofy. XD