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I just found this and oh my god, your drawings are absolutely gorgeous :')
Ah, and I love the plot.

Don't know what to say about the page, but I absolutely love how easy you can read their feelings, poor Kae.. D':
I love their personalities and the art is so pretty :'D
I am so loving this xD
Your drawing style is so pretty :') Can't wait to see more :D
I freaking love the randomness of this comic as well as your drawings :'D It's amazing.. and funny xD
I just had to say that I love the colours you used here and your art :') Just love it xD
I really love this so far :'D The characters are interesting and the story is something new. Really, really liking it xD I'll be waiting for more :')
Aww Klaus why are you leaving ? Shit, I would so buy it..When I get money..
Makes me a bit embarrassed to say this, but the two last pages are seriously hot xD
I love her xD She's amazing :D
Holy shit that was cute xD He had the cutes personality ever :D
This comic is so awesome :D
Noo D: Kyandi .
I so love this comic xD
This comic is pure win o.o
This comic has been a great read D': Such a cliffhanger there, poor Desta.
I love the characters so much :'D
This is getting darn good xD
I am really really loving it this far ;D
This is amazing xD Can't wait for more!
This comic is awesome. Love the colours, the style and the characters :D
Poor guy.. And by the way loving your drawing style :D So cute.