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Yaoi-san and Minty-chan
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    Hehe. No one knows our real names *fufufu*
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Yaoi-san- If Matt is still there, I imagine a huge ass-kicking~

Minty-chan- Ehehe, that would be pretty epic X3
Yaoi-san- Huh? Knife? What knife? -hides knife behind back-

Minty-chan- I say, kill Matt until he dies!

Yaoi-san- And then put his dead body in the middle of a busy road. CAR. CAR. MINIBUS. OH LOOK A TRUCK!

Minty-chan- And then gather up the remains and leave them in a forest for wolves to eat >3

Yaoi-san- Yes, strange, but oddly satisfying -nods head-

Minty-chan- Anyway... Hehe, your plot is just getting better and better! That drama! What will Alex do? And what will Mika do when he gets home and finds out Matt is there? -suspense-

Yaoi-san- Oh, and of course, how could we post the comment without praising your art!? Hehe, it's wonderful if you ask me!

Minty-chan- Yeah, I mean, the shading and everything, just <3

Yaoi-san- Yay for TLTR comments! >_<
Yaoi-san- Hehe, why does Mark want to know those things?

Minty-chan- >.> Hehe, I wonder...
Yaoi-san- Nuuuu -dies of confusion- I can't understand the Sullivan guy, that bastard D<

Minty-chan- I know right? Why would he cheat on his wife, with a /student/ none the less, and THEN just brush him off like he was noone when he cam e to his house with FLOWERS?!? -is dead-
Yaoi-san- Dear Smackjeeves, this comic does not have an 'EPIC LOVE 4EVER' button, please fix it D:

Minty-chan- Dat shirt >.> Is just sexy.
Yaoi-san- Oh Ash is so adorable -glomps- Squeee! >_<

Minty-chan- This page is just smashing! I have never been drunk, but watching drunk people fall over sure is fun >.>
Yaoi-san- Pfft, who even uses doors nowadays? Like, my mom does, that's about it. Windows are SOO much better.

Minty-chan- This page xD It is just smashing <3 I love you.
Yaoi-san- Shove the flowers up his ass Alex! >D

Minty-chan- I'm honestly going to jump in there and strangle Matt, then take Alex and leave. His wife can then continue to beat up Matt's dead body.

Yaoi-san- Ahh...yes, lovely art style by the way <3 Why can't I draw like you? -sniff sniff-
Yaoi-san- "Kiss me I'm a Rockstar" T-shirt = EPIC WIN! xD

Minty-chan- And we always love it when you update <3

Yaoi-san- And we love you even when you don't update <3

Minty-chan- We love you all the time. You have all our loves. ALL OF THEM. <3
Yaoi-san- Yes, Mark, life is tough. FOR YOU! xD

Minty-chan- Yeah, and you have absolutely nothing to say on that matter >.>
Yaoi-san- "You say it like it's a bad thing" But Josh, youy say it like it's a -good- thing xD

Minty-chan- Gosh, I llove this comic...And your art style <333
Yaoi-san- Oh noes! Don't knock on that door Alex! The wife will open! Dx

Minty-chan- Dude! Shit just flew off the hook! It's like shit didn't even want anything to do with that hook! Like, the hook called the shit and demanded a divorce from that shit!

Yaoi-san- -_-" Don't be disguisting...BUTOMGWFTIDONTEVEN-shot-

Minty-chan- Get ready for some seriousl heartbreak...WE'RE WITH YOU ALEX DEAR!
Yaoi-san- And then Alex found out that his teacher was married...and he chopped his d1(k off ^-^

Minty-chan- Have I ever told you how much I love your art style? *_* Because I do <3

Yaoi-san- Gah, dat drama, I can't stand it! Humor! COME BACK!
Yaoi-san- Of course Mark, he never said anytyhing about wanting to date you, he just wants a sexy one night stand, then he's going to leave -dripping sarcasm-

Minty-chan- I'm surprised nobody's saying anything about how beautiful your art is anymore...Well, just to remind you, I LOVE your art style, and the plot, and everything! >_<
Yaoi-san- He was watching you...

Minty-chan- ....Edward Cullen style xD
Yaoi-san- Ugh, Mika, go back and beat the shit outta tht teacher >.>

Minty-chan- N0! He needs t0 stay, then when he gets back, they're making 0ut, and he gets all jeal0us, and gives the teacher s0me seri0us ass kicking. >:3

Yaoi-san- ...

Minty-chan- Actually, n0, he can just stay jeal0us, and leave Alex and the teacher al0ne <3
Minty-chan- >.> I only see one bed in there...ohohohoho~ *perverted lady laugh*

Yaoi-san- OMFG LLAMA! O.O

Minty-chan- Sifris is gonna do something incredibly cute on the next page and Terrence is gonna kiss him \(>_<)/

Yaoi-san- Yes, in our minds that is going to happen >:3
Yaoi-san- OMG AWESOME! They're all glomping on Ash! xD

Minty-chan- EPIC DUDE, JUST EPIC! Next they're gonna-

Yaoi-san- -they're gonna play the game, Minty, they're gonna play the game. NO. Stop plotting. They're not gonna do anything. They're just high school kids. They're 14. NO! STOP DRAWING THAT PICTURE OF ASH AND AIDEN DAMNIT!

Minty-chan- ٩(×̯×)۶ But I don't wanna...

Yaoi-san- Pfft.

Yaoi-san- Way to help your bro, Carrie.

Minty-chan- And Josh is like "Hurhurhur~ All of Mark's exs were les, so he must be sex deprieved. I can fix that >:3 *glomps Mark* "