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I'm so happy the Louis was the one to say the word boyfriend first! <3 Just makes it so there's no confusion about where they stand for each other after all this. I'm just so happy for these dorks right now, Thanks for the wonderful update!
Actual tears right now
This is just what happened when I had my first really bad attack... I was sitting on my bed a mess and my boyfriend came and made me uncurl myself and hang on to him as hard as I could. Thank god he knew what to do in the situation because I was lost. This whole scene is just so real and I really applaud you for it. I've had a lot of stories touch my heartstrings but this one does it in such a way that it goes above and beyond.
I really love how you alternate from pretty much seeing from their point of view to viewing as a third party. It just feels so much more real and intimate and perfect seeing the scene from what seems like the characters eyes.
Long time fan, but first comment~ This story is perfection and I wanted to thank you for being so amazing with the storytelling. One of the most real comics I have read in a long time.
Kaito, can you be any more adorable?

Was I really so lucky as to check for updates right as a page came out?! Best. Day. EVER!
Can I just say, the expression little Kaito has is heartbreaking... You really nailed the expression here.
Dem masks <3 Can't wait for these two to show up~
I just read every page in a single sitting. Consider me a new fan, this is one of my new favorites here on smackjeeves~ Keep up the amazing work!

And can i just say, that kiss is just so... daw <3 -heart explodes-
I really like all of the emotions on this page~

Good luck in school! And even though I cannot wait for the next update, don't feel pressured about getting a page up. Focus on settling in and your studies! I'm sure everyone (well most) will understand if it takes longer to post.
Cyan, you are just too cute~!
Great page to get uploaded on my birthday! :'D
I kinda hope we get to find out more about Colt and Kaitos past together...
Colt, panel 4, looking smexy~
January 29th, 2012
I am drawing all the pokemon... here are just a few.

January 28th, 2012
I haven't given my dog any love in my comic yet, so here he is! My big guy, Leon! (Named ever so cleverly after the hit-man in "Leon the Professional.)
So... yeah.
We get very excited....

Blankets may just be the greatest things on the earth.
My friends don't let me drink root beer... I think Alex has banned me now as well. I think I was giggly and excited/fascinated by goldfish poop for an hour.
On may way to visit Alex, there were... difficulties. My gps was low on battery, it was dark so my mapquest printout was useless, deer were everywhere on the road!

But whatever, I had my dancin' music!
January 22nd, 2012
Visiting Alex in college! WOOT!
I painting murals in my little buddy Lakins' room, and lets just say, she is one strange child. These are just a few of the sayings she has said... there will be more to come I am sure.