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C: Hai I'm Jess. I love Anime, Manga, writing, drawing, and singing. :3 I'm a Student in High School
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;3; I love hockey. xD
But yes, only the wifey can beat up the hubby. ;P Its the rules. xD
:C Poor Guy. xD And Rat is so adorable with B's hat C8 I think he should wear it more often. <3 Keep up the amazing work on your comics 8D <3
Welcome back C: And <3 PORTAL 8D My boyfriend bought it. I love much! <3
I hope you feel better soon. ;C Being suck sucks. I can't wait to see updates from you again <3
xD Last Panel <3 But :C He left his hat outside? Oh nu.
xD Love the last panel. Reminds me of Miu from Inigo Mashimaru xD Just the pose. xD OMG <3
xD Should we even question Force on that? Is it even a real berry is the question ;P
March 7th, 2011
OMG ;3; I feel so sorry for him. He looks so like actually makes me upset!
xD Gyarados wasn't too hard. ;P I got him pretty easily...Yet the Pokemon I always had trouble with was Arcanine. I got it, yet it was SO hard! :C They hated like everything I did to try and get one. Always got Growlithe.
;3; Omg he is so cute~!!!
Don't cry Luke! There are Pokemon in the Daycare that will take care of you better then her!
This comic, is amazing! I really hope you write more of it. Expecially because its so sweet. C:
Awwww thats so cute and sweet. C:
I hope that you and he were very happy. ^^ Happy Birthday to him by the way xD -even if I'm late-
THAT GAME 8D My boyfriend has it and...I it...badly. C:' Love this comic 8D I can't wait to read the rest <3
This page is...
AMAZING xD Omg this really made my day even better! Thank you <3