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I'm really hoping that Kelsey didn't nick that shirt from a dead Ellis somewhere. D: Lovely art by the way.
*cough* Hunter *cough*
September 22nd, 2011
@Hayden Richardson: Ha,ha. Thanks!
Plot here we come! Ahh, German names... Aren't they the cutest? And Björn does have an Afro, and somehow they were popular in 18th century Germany. Yay for historical accuracy.
I like how the metapod is just abandoned. Poor thing... It needs a hug. D:
I wasn't kidding about switching back to computer. Good news is that these mini comics will be comic out fast so get them while they're hot! I like the smallness of the strips, though it can be a bit annoying for beginnings. Bare with me. Plot coming soon.
Sorry for the wait...
It was my intention to make the comic handmade, but I realize my handiwork may not be up to par. I may consider going back to computer drawn instead.
Early Post!
I'm planning on posting twice a week since the comic strip size is halved. Love you guys, I'll post another comic Monday or sooner!
Cover page! {insert happy here}
Before anyone freaks out---No, the comic will not be written completely "auf Deutsch." The cover will, and in little tidbits in the story, but don't worry you won't have to plug each word bubble into Rosetta Stone.
This will be the style of the comic also. The cover-cover was a little bit of realism, but mostly it'll be a more simplified style. Yay for cute crap. :D
At first I thought that Atticus and George had been fighting the stupid Metapod for so long that he grew facial hair and smexy long hair. XD A girl can dream.
LeStrange is born! Will update soon and consistently every Sunday! Love you guys!
I really did think Kegan's drink was apple juice. XD Aww, darn. I like apple juice.
Aww, Gunner's got plenty of time. That is, if he has enough quarters. XD
How to find a vampire? That's easy just drop him a call. Oh, wait scratch that he doesn't have a phone. XD

Another awesome set of panels, man!
Wow, man. You do shadows so well. :D
*pats Lucas* Poor little birdy.