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I Love video games my favorites being Pokemon, Bleach, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, Megaman, Megaman x and zero, Mortal Kombat, Megaman Battle network and starforce, River city ransom, and many many more. my hobbies are video-gaming, coming up with world domination ideas, and computer-playing. my occupation is this summer i will work for the city in my town.I think there is not greater beat than the six flags song.
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Still funny as ever, your comic rocks!
i know its been a while since the last post but i started reading this a few days ago, so far i think its awesome oh and didnt somebody predict this?
OOH.. that looks obcenely painful, even more so because froslass is an ice-type pokemon
hey i have a request Wobufett+Ambipom+Coballion+Bidoof+Machamp
HAA XD ohh thats both creepy and funny!
"heartless" has nothing to do with who i am, im just a big kingdom hearts fan. and if i said it once ill say it again your comic is awesome, rock on and keep doing what you do shinigami!
extra stuff
this pretty much explains it all heres some more my family had to get our computer reformatted like 4 or 5 times so i lost pretty much everything if anybody is willing to help with the comic just tell me in the comments and ill see what i can do
the only requirements are that you can do sprite comics well and that you have your own character
probably going to be this way for a while
she used the big gun as a way to get up there faster... did she blast down?
coool... oh and go ds!
ooh that landing is going to hurt soo bad...
I give my respects and thanks to all the military fighters, families, veterans, etc. and i just have to say that you have an awesome comic you have become one of the few people who have inspired me to start my own someday. rock on and keep doing what you do!
dang thats a big blast radius...
Awesome comic you have by the way. rock on
i dont think theres anything to insult about you or your comic
hey wait... are you in luigi's mansion?
its gonna be shadow isnt it?
ahhh pikachu cute but deadly in the right hands.
so donatello was in the computer? how does that it like a robo-suit or...what?