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dragon! may be definitely
im sure he'll escape somehow, i'm just waiting for riza to go all full wolf and i bet it'll take a life or death situation for it to happen.
score!!! i was right!!! yes, lol do i win? and as for the xtra about everyone in earth earth clothes as humans?
ooooo, may be its a full grown poison demon?
may be something like being able to stay transformed longer? (assuming theres a limit to begin with) lol
i would think she'd be omnivorous, so things like fruit, fish, and small mammals would go over well
probably telling him to stay, and dont burn anything down.
may be he was researching the war? and i hope rizas claw isnt too long or that could hurt lol
hmm, creeper dude mentioned that artturo and morgai hated one another...which i'm gonna go out on a limb here and think that may be talking about people from the legend. and perhaps the nagra la is like some kind of half dragon? lol yay for shots in the dark.
well if your giving the character any ties to the name, im guessing he's gonna end up taking some twisted fancy to one of our peeps...*cough* riza *cough*
oh boy, cant wait! who or what is melody exactly?
i kinda makes sense that they (the tree maidens) would get sleepy in the cold seeing as how in the winter time tree's sap recedes and they "sleep"
soooooo, moth is a girl now?
i'm stickin with my guess of mr totem going supah magic jutsu
i'm waiting for mr. totem to bust out some kind of crazy magic to escape
i wonder just where exactly melody grew up...may be she's some kind of priests daughter or something?
thats right guys, work together to protect the innocent!
sounds about right
woot! called it (amazed i guessed right) lol