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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou sooooooooooooo much! You did not kill him, I love you!!
Heeeenryyy!!!!! You're not gonna die!!!
Go ahead...make me cry *cries*
That's just such a touching moment I can't hold back the tears...

I love your comic, I always did, pweeeaaaase update soon *bows* thanksyou, you made my day
The cuteness!!
I love them so much they're like...I dunno just absolutely cute
June 14th, 2007
Poor Kuro.....I feel so sorry for him. He's so in Love with Sayaka and he just doesn't understand...bless his lil cotton socks*cries*
Awwww,he's such a cute-ish one....
*huggles him*
I'm sure they're gonna end up together!
Love it...^^
Hurry up and post a new page teehee
the prince really is....^^you know....
Awwwww so adorabubble!!^^
I really love your web comic

But for the kissing:
I have been kissed already but it wasn't that good,so,me wants to join as well^^