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Rising of the Moon:[hiatus]
Makai: [hiatus]
C & Mouse [Hiatus]
PT: [down]

Just one of those typical authors here on SJ. My scanner currently died, so It'll be a while before I can update frequently again. :<
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Hello m'loves!

I'm updating this, to tell everyone that I'll be remaking my pages in RotM. My style has improved, and I look back at these pages and get annoyed. [not to mention some went missing. e_e;;] So, this is on a semi-hiatus as I begin re-making my pages!

I love you all! :D
I love this so far! I can't wait to see more. -is a fan on dA- n_n
@Jess: I'm not very good at naming people. xD; I could try making a poll. But, the twins that we're sacrificed aren't mentioned very much in the actual comic. I think they will be mentioned.. once? XD;

I miss the internet. ;o; and yep Kian appears! >:3 and I think they did. o.o; I didn't even notice. D:' Yeah I change my icons like... all of the time. XD roflll [obviously]

@xhahakristinax: I do too. n_n;
I finished this page a while ago, but I couldn't upload till now. x.x; Blah I miss my internet..

Edit: There's no actual words said in this one. All the text are thoughts. XD Kian wasn't aware of Quinn on the tree. ;3
@LonenessAngel: Lol Jess was right on. Their hair is parted differently. Quinn's is also more curly and shorter. And Faolan looks like a girl. :3

@Jess: OpenCanvas is my favorite, I'm still learning how to use AdobeCS2 myself. x.x; i've been using Paintshop Pro for years.
:O Oooh, OC = OpenCanvas1.1 it's the program I use to color in my colored pages. I use AdobeCS2 to make my B&W pages. It's an awesome program so i'm going to use it for my pages. :3

Kian is sexy. n_n
Yeah, n_n it is confusing, but pretty so it doesn't matter! XD Quinn is going to be shown alot for the rest of the chapter.

n_n I know birdies! XD You made an account here? Are you going to upload a comic? n_n!
Thank you. n_n Yeah i'm thinking about using OC for my pages from now on. xD it takes just a little bit longer then usual but I like the result. n_n
n_n So, I felt like making a pretty page. SUE ME. D:'

Anyways, do you guys like the shading in this? I'm thinking about using OC to make my pages now, whaddya think? n_n

Edit: Gin was the 'booze' Faolan was drinking on the page before this. I totally forgot to draw it in this page. Edan wanted a drink, and Faolan was like "hellz no" The rest of the chapter will introduce a new character and mainly have Quinn in it. :3
Roflll -clings to Edan- n_n; He's not too bad.
heh thanks! i'll be working on page sketches untill I can get a new pen to make the pages.

XD My poor pen will be missed. D:'
*le sigh*
My beloved pen that I use to make these comics has DIED. RIP pen. ;o; you served me well. SO, it might be a while untill I get a new pen.

O BTW; I also lost my internet meaning it'll be a pain in the ass to upload pages. I'll *probably* have it back by friday. :[

ALSO BRIGHT PRETTY COLORS TO DISTRACT YOU FROM THE SUCKNESS OF THIS PAGE. n_n;;; Only the first pages of each chapter will be in color. <3
February 13th, 2007
;o; aww, that's so sad. ;___; I agree with everyone esle that Ed should give him a hug. <3
February 13th, 2007
;o; aww Travis -sends him my luff- <3<3
Bo looks sooo cute~ <3
February 13th, 2007
Rofl! I love Xin's expressions. n_n
February 10th, 2007
awwww! That's adorable. Travis has such a pretty mom. <3
I know. n_n I love the twins so much. <3
@Wowfreak2011; I know! >3<

@xhahakristinax; Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it! <3<3
Simply adorable! <333