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I Am a super happy person who wants to spread my super happiness.
I love anime manga pancakes cats puppies and almost everything else :D but not school >:(
I like drawing and if I ever get good enough I just might make my own comic. Until then I'll just be favoriting them
Hehe it is a pleasure to meet you ^-^

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Hey :3
Hey, so I just finished reading the whole comic (from start to now) and instead of leaving a whole bunch of comments around, I thought I would make a super mega ultra comment C:
Ahem. First off, Daniel is absolutely awesome. I mean he has to be if he had a husband and a wife at the same time haha If I were to ever have a king I would want one exactly like him. Still cant help but wonder who (or what) he is. And he's so sweet~ Ian is such a cute little follower, I like him so much. And it's soo funny because my bro's name is Ian and he kinda looked like that as a kid. And Richard! Richard is like the neatest grandpa ever. I also love how he was when was younger and his son too. What an awesome family. And when Timothy showed up I was all "hey this guys kinda cute" and then he turns out gay! (sigh~ story of my life) Still an ok guy though. It's funny how much Ian hates him and wants him to die. And Karen is really nice too. Is funny how she just joins in on all the crazy.
You have an awesome story going here and I can hardly wait for the next page Ciao~
OMG you say that too!!! lol you're probably the first other person I've seen to use it
November 12th, 2011
I'm in love with this comic :>
This is so sad and so beautiful all at the same time
Wow and I thought I had bad luck
I love your art style :)