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I am more or less a androgyn person (means, I can't be told, if I am a boy or a girl just by seeing me, and I will not tell you my gender)

Please notice: I am an Austrian person, so my Comics and Manga will be in German, if there is the need for english Subtitles I can make them, but please don't be angry at me, for my "not yet so good" English. Thank you.

I'm only a little bit of an Otaku, still I can't speak Japanese.
I play bass, but also there, I am only a beginner.
I kinda dislike Hip Hop, Rap and Techno, still I think, that almost every music, is good.

My Manga Style:
acctually, I havn't got a real style, but I think I am fallen for Yuri and Yaoi, most those wich contain gender Bender.

Favorite Mangas:
After school Nightmare
Lucky Star
Soul Eater

you may find some Caracters in my Comics.

if I haven't uploadet some Mangas yet, they will come as soon as possible, but I think I will be busy the next one or two weeks, so I apologize.
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judging by the looks, I'd say Blair is going to murder someone soon
seriously, you really need a bear trap... allways have it with you!
don't take his for offense... but you told us once, you're gonna redo some pages...

well, may I can ask if you would redo this one? Maybe it's just me, but I think the arms in the last picture (not Naos) are a little bit to long...

like I sayed, just a suggestion, don't take it wrong or some like that...

btw.: sorry for my really bad english, I hope you're eyes didn't die by reading it...
wohooui <3
It's a reeeeed Ballon (sorry Hyperactive right now)

love the work, I almost thought you would stop this comic - I've been reading this comics AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN, and they arn't starting to get boring XD
IT'S GOOD, please start with the first few pictures soon, your work is great.

(sorry for my bad English)

little question: is the black-white thingy a scarf or Naos Hands?!?
took you long enogh ^^
whoa FACE!
Atticus Face = Me Gusta (

no, I don't wanna make an ad, it's only a picture, okaaay! (so the non nerds here understand it ^^)

Hope the poor girl will see him again, she's kinda cute.
Well... maybe to young for Atti, huh XD
you're comic just went from awsome to epic... hmm...

Right now I'm hyperactive 'cause you're comic is so ... ?refreshing? ... I don't now why, but THIS COMIC, makes me happy. :D

I think it's epicly awsome! (I love the way you draw and Higurashi is also sooo awsome >.<)

sorry for my bad english, hope you don't mind.


are those Trees sad?
I kinda like the thought